Klipsch K Horns (the new AK6)

At $15k, eeek!!!!! and their hard to drive, forget your 2A3's on these

Cheers George
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George, what is your point ? I do not feel, reading the measurements, that they are harder to drive than many others, just not as easy for a 2a3 flea watt tube amp. An 8wpc tube amp seemed to sound good, to Art. It would not, to me, that is for sure. For my listening tastes, I would need MORE. As far as drive ability, a simple example would be, an Adcom 535 series II ( a Pass design ), as it would get them going pretty nicely, without a problem driving them ( although, some might not like the overall sound of this pairing ). How many other 15 K speakers ( other than horns, could be driven the same. Using a 15 inch driver would require a bit more power to get them moving. I find the same with my Lascala’s. If you are indicating, in your special way, they are not a good speaker, Art Dudley stated they are a steal at their 15 K price. I think so, also. As every speaker designer has to make certain compromises with each design ( nothing is perfect ), I would easily rather live with these, over other 15K speakers, because what I want, and expect, out of a speaker, these would do it. There is no slowing down at the Klipsch factory, as the Khorn, after 70 years of manufacture, are still going strong, many of them selling to overseas listeners. I believe the review, and the measurements, are both beneficial, to potential customers. YMMV. Enjoy ! MrD.
 just not as easy for a 2a3 flea watt tube amp.

The old K-Horns,  La-Scala ect were and that's what they had going for them even though their sound was questionable to me.
 Now they're just as hard as anything and have quite miserable measurements, lose lose on both counts for $15K.

Cheres George
I read the review and there are obvious issues like the front panel resonating and the phase distortion between drivers. I would love to triamp K horns, and correct the phase issues and frequency response with DSP control. Add subwoofers below 100 Hz and I bet they would be in serious contention for best sound ever.