Klipsch, introduces The Cornwall IV, and I think it will be a killer !

Being the long time Klipsch lover that I am, I find I read ( from many sources ) about the company and their speaker lines, with most of my interest in the Heritage models, home theater models, and the Cinema models ( those used in theaters, on stages, studios, etc. ) The Cornwall IV, is ready for shipment. I have been waiting years for this design to come to life, specifically, a better, and larger, mid horn, more in line with the current Lascala, and Khorn. Owning Lascalas, and being very familiar with all Heritage models, I can honestly say, in many ways, this mid horn, might, and actually is, superior to the mid horns in my Lascalas. They maybe need to be a bit wider for the LS and KH. I do not feel this way with the Forte III mid horn ( too small for the Lascala / K horn design, but I feel Roy Delgado, Klipsch’s chief engineer, will be working on a new mid horn design, for these two. Getting back to the Cornwall....There are many other new design upgrades Roy has made, and I am thrilled, as I feel, every limitation of the design ( and I do not like using that word, but everything has limitations ), has been answered. I think it will be a hot seller. 6K a pair. It is already on youtube, with an introductory review, and one coming from my old friend Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac. We shall see....I predict all thumbs up....Enjoy! MrD.
big fun, easy to drive, place and musical. Not the last word in 3D but as you say Dr Decibel, everything has its plus and minus... Ya man, another American company making excellent products and supporting them well.
music is the key !!!!!!
I purchased the Klipsch Forte 3's in June and I'm considering moving up to the Cornwall 4 when they are available. I love my Forte 3s but a little fuller and deeper sound would be better yet. I just love the way they sound good at any volume. My former speakers (Martin Logan Motion 60) didn't really sound good unless you turned them up. I can listen any time of day now with no fatigue. 
I owned the original Cornwalls back in the 80's. I'd love to hear this latest version but no dealers near me.
When are they expected to arrive at the dealers? I would love to check them out beside a pair of Forte III's