Klipsch Image S3 broke How to fix/new IEM's?

Last night I was in bed and wanted to listen to some music so I tried to pick up my iPhone that was lying on the ground by tugging on the earphones. What I didn't know was that my iPhone was plugged into the wall (charging) so I ended up damaging the wiring on the Klipsch (the part that connects to the termination).

Now I can only hear the drums and part of the guitar tracks and can't hear ANY vocals unless I push on my earphones just the right way. I plugged in my old Apple buds and they worked just fine (even though they sounded like crap). I was wondering if I could fix this by peeling off the rubber that's already tearing off or if I should go ahead and buy new IEM'S.

If I do buy new IEM's what are some good ones that are under $65 and are sturdy and won't break again? I'm not really careful with my earbuds. I listen to mostly punk rock and pop punk, with a couple indie, folk rock, and noise rock bands thrown in. http://last.fm/user/toxicwaterfront

You can try and repair them but those little tiny wires are a pain in the a$$. I love the Klipsch S4s for a small step up.
will they break easily too? I'm a student on budget and I really can't afford to buy a pair of IEM's that aren't a lot sturdier than these S3's proved to be.