klipsch horns

I have a pair of klipsch corner horns and heard they sound best with tube amps, I was wondering what amp sounded best and is reasonably priced?
snatch-up a pair of antique sound labs WAV 8's
will surprise both your ears and wallet. kurt
Hi Momofdom2,

You will probably get a lot of suggestions if you visit Klipsch's website/forum. An acquaintance of mine has a pair of the LaScala's and Cornwalls'. He is using Dodd tube equipment and it works in his setting. However, he is constantly tweaking something, like crossover or the squawker/midrange driver. Klipsch owners are unique highly driven and intelligent individuals (do you also own a Volvo or Saab?) :)
im gonna be scum for this but here it goes,bag the tubes & get a mcintosh solid state amp,i have khorns & they sound fantastic with all 7 mac amps ive had them hooked up to,i tried them with other hi end ss amps & they sucked but with the newer mac amps you cant go wrong,i just got a mc122 last night & the 1st thing i did was put it on the khorns & it is sweet.
Quicksilver makes 25 watt mono tube amps specifically for horns.
They are an order of magnitude more quiet than a typical amp and sell for $1400/pair (street price).
I have a pair of Quicksilver Horn Monos driving Belle Klipsch speakers in a large room. They work extremely well. The 2A3 SET amps were not powerful enough in my room. The Quicksilver Horn Monos are an excellent match for Klipsch Horn Speakers.
A friend has a pair powered by 2A3 SET amps built by John Wiesner, who partnered with Arthur Loesch in the post. Amazing amp designs and incredible craftsmanship. They put out 1.5 watts, I believe, which is definitely enough for these K-horns in his room (set up properly). Heard 8 watt push pulls and they didn't have the magic, and the volume control never got above 9:00 - not enough play for me because they got too loud too quick. 845 and KT88's & 300B's all had their merits but the 2A3's have a special magic.

I have had Khorns for the past ten years, VTL works wonders with them,both the integrated amp and their seperates, right now I use the 2.5 with the st 85 it simply kills.
I would suggest looking at Sunfire amps. I'm powering my Klipsch KLF-20's with a Sunfire amp (225watts) and they absolutely sing. I was using an Adcom amp prior to that and it just didn't provide the dynamics that these speakers are capable of. I also switched out my Monster IC's and speaker cable for some RSA Poeima IC's and VooDoo Reference Bi-Wire speaker cable.

Vman, Adcom is the absolute worst amp choice for Klipsch, Sunfire is much better, tube is what he needs, the 2a3 or 300b,or 45, any experienced Klipsch owner will usually end up with one of these [flea] set amps, try one, youll see.

Thanks for the info. I will eventually goto a tube amp but for right now, the Sunfire amp is going to have to do the job. The Sunfire amp does have hook-ups for "voltage source" and "current source". According to the Sunfire manual, you want to use "current source" because it's closer to a tube amp sound. I've tried both "voltage" and "current" and can't really tell to much of a difference.

momofdom2,i just bought a mcintosh mc2102 tube amp & tried it on the k-horns, at lower volume levels it out performs all my solid state amps but when driven it falls off.

the best i have found at this point is to biamp them.

solid state on bottom & tubes on top,this is what im doing at the present & the k-horns are a much more dynamic speaker beacuse of it.

The Rotel RB-1090 goes wonderful with the Klipschorn as well. Very tube like warmth.
A low powered push/pull tube amplifier; something like a 2a3 or 300b or 45 based amp making between 4 and 20 watts. SET amps can make a bit of noise that highly sensitive speakers such as Klipsch can amplify easily. Push/pull amps, correctly implemented, do not have nearly the noise issues of SET amps.

I think I read somewhere that a little 5 watt push/pull amp is what Paul Klipsch designed the horns to work with but I would not put that in the bank. This is where a very high quality low powered amp (think Wavelength...) comes into play. More than 10 or 20 watts is simply overkill.
Have you tried or heard of the www.nosvalves.com 60W VRD tube monos? They seem to be all the rave over at the Klipsch Forum. I am very interested in them myself. I am planning to buy a pair.