Klipsch Hersey 111 opinions

Looking for opinions on the Klipsch Hersey 111. My set up is Primaluna HP integrated amp with the Sony HAP1ZES as my source. Current speakers are Dynaudio Focus 140's on sound anchor 3 post stands. My room is 11x15. Was intent on buying the Revel Proforma 206 until i listened to these. I was able to hear my integrated with the Hersey's and thought it sounded really good. Spent about an hour listening. Not sure if my room is to small for a horn speaker. Thanks for any feed back.


I do not have Heresy III's but do own Heresy I's and Heresy II's.  Both sound wonderful in their locations and with their respective gear.  My HI's are in a spare bedroom(13'Lx13'Wx10'H) being driven with a NAD AVR T773 and CD player C542.  Horns not overwhelming or brittle and bass is sufficient for most music but adding a fast/punchy subwoofer can help.  I find this rig to be very revealing and punchy with pretty "accurate" tones.  I have found that the HI's as well as HII's are not too selective with amplification and excel well with 50w/ch tubes as well as 250W/ch SS.  

Of course this is my experience but do yourself a favor and head over to the Klipsch Forum and more specifically the "2-Channel Home Audio" and "Talkin' Tubes" sections and propose your questions.




Thanks Bill will do that 

Limited high and low extention and can be a bit honky. Mods can improve them and tubes help. At low levels they can engage.  Even though they can play loud they tend towards sounding hard, forced and lose resolution.

I enjoyed them for late night mid 70db listening but sold them due to their limitations. BTW, my experience is with the 1 and 2 models.

The 70W output of the Prima Luna HP is insufficient to hear what is possible from the Focus 140s. I owned a pair of the 140s when they were first released a few years back. Dynaudio specs state power handling as 200W. Give them at least 150W-200W and you may very well find a new appreciation for and enjoyment of them. If you are dead set on keeping the Prima Luna the you can do better than the Heresy's. I have heard them, can't remember the amplification, and they sounded overly revealing to the point of being fatiguing, especially at higher volumes.