KLIPSCH Heritage speakers .

 I have been an audio enthusiast for most of my life.
 I have went through a plethora of speakers.
 Way too many to name.
 I have been a sales person at Sensuous Sounds in Tampa  as well as  Sound Advice where we sold high-end McIntosh  equipment and speakers and so much more .
So I do have a little experience .
 I now have a McIntosh amplifier preamplifier and tuner.
 And the speaker I have chosen for my mains are Klipsch Cornwall..
 I think they are amazing..
 Is there anyone here that has any of the Heritage line...
Thank you.

Raymond Crowe
Lakeland Florida
They are a great speaker. They are very alive and direct, and their dynamics prove how important dynamics are in recreating the illusion of live music. Good choice!
I have the Klipsch Belle's. EXCELLENT speaker as I listen mostly to jazz. I currently have them paired to a Marantz 2500 (fully restored as well as new crossovers on the Bell's) and they do very well with most music. 
I wish you many years of enjoyment! 
I have a pair of vintage Heresy's in unfinished birch. I like the look! High sensitivity and works well with low-power amps - both tube and ss. Very lively sound - but I prefer my TW1A's and original Quads! I live not far from you in Pasco County.
 It's good to know the other people in this rather high in group use the Klipsch  speakers.
 I have read about the expensive exotic speakers that others have here.
 However I love the openness of the Klipsch horn loaded speakers.
 I have the Cornwall II  series with the upgraded  crossover and titanium tweeter from Bob Crites.
 It will be the last speaker I will ever buy.
 Very happy with it .
 Good to hear from you all..
I have the Heresy 111's SE and IMO, think they are an excellent speaker. I use them for music and HT. For music i use my Primaluna Dialog Premium HP integrated tube amp and HT, an NAD 758 av receiver. I listen mostly to blues, jazz & rock. With the high sensitivity rating, you can use a wide variety of amps, mainly low powered tube amps. Nice choice.
I have the Quartets  upgraded Crites tweeter/crossover

using it with my Grommes PHI26  2wpc/6wpc EL84 SEP

loud, fun and sound like live concert
I have the Klipsch Cornwall 3 Speakers. I'm using them with either a McIntosh MX-110 / MC-30 mono amps or a Dennis Had Inspire LP-27a / Inspire KT-66 SE amp. Couldn't be happier. After many years, I finally found the last system I will buy... my search is over. Give the Duelund cables a try... I have never enjoyed listening to music as much as I have with this combo. I'm done looking and couldn't be happier.
Klipsch Heresy I's and Heresy II's.  

This Central Florida(Kissimme/Saint Cloud) boy loves them.

My good buddy in Plant City has LaScalas L-C-R in his theater room.

I have the Cornwall ll's and bought them shortly after they came out in 1986. Depending on what you are wanting in a system or listening for, they are what I consider a lifetime speaker. You can push with the wattage of a transistor radio. Considering the age of the speaker, very very efficient. I run mine with a Klipsch 10" subwoofer. When my son was growing up & home before me after school, once home from work, I always knew when he had the stereo cranked up. I had things that had fallen off the walls & broke, Those incidences were prior to my owning the Klipsch sub...Lol. Excellent choice!!!My only issue is I am wanting to get a vintage receiver and am not sure which ones would be good choices, that & I'm on a limited budget...
I have owned cornwall IIs, cornscalas, forte IIIs, and now klipschorns. I guess you could say I like 'em too..........


Hi Raymond,
I too have a pair of Cornwall IIIs, love them. Drive them with a Yamaha AS2100 Integrated Amp. 
I recently purchased Heresy IIIs for my 12x14 foot den/study.  They are missing an octave compared to the Cornwall’s, but for this smallish room are great. I can place them near the rear wall, the more controlled directivity of the tweeter means less reflections and impact of the room on sound (and the need for ugly room treatments), and the 58 Hz probably keeps nasty bass nodes out of the equation.  
I am 55, and like many, have memories of being in audio stores in my youth listening to Sheffield track records on Klipschorns and McIntosh gear.  
Several weeks ago I purchase Forte IIIs.  They are listed as Heritage yet someone on a different thread begged to differ and I'm not really sure. 

They are wonderful loudspeakers.  I disclosed my previous anti-Klipsch bias as well as my use of Totem, B&W, Monitor Audio, PSB and KEF loudspeakers in the past.  The Forte IIIs are audiophile speakers.  

I will say that to show their true stuff they need (in my system, my room, to my ears) tube amplification and are sensitive to the products feeding them.  I thought they weren't sensitive to room placement; they aren't in the general sense that they will sound great just about anywhere.  Soundstage depth, imaging and holography increase inordinately if care in positioning is taken. 

I'm smitten with them.  I have a dedicated room for them that works well for their size and positioning.  
I have a pair of Forte Is with Crites crossovers and titanium tweeter and midrange diaphragms: they are amazing speakers that punch way above their price (I've invested about $800 total in them).  If you have the space -- I'm currently running my Fortes in a 12x15 room and it is like trying to drive a muscle car through a congested suburb -- Cornwalls will knock your socks off.  

Klipsch and McIntosh is a fantastic combo.  The McIntosh tames the Klipsch tendency to being bright and forward whilst providing abundant detail: the Klipsch brightness keeps the McIntosh from sounding too warm and syrupy.  
I am the ONE. The Forte was never an " original " Heritage model. The 5 original Heritage models : Klipschorn, Belle, Lascala, Cornwall and Heresy were the originals, and these 5 were designed by PWK. The Forte was marketed later as a Heritage model, to increase sales. I take nothing away from the Forte / Chorus or any of the other models with the rear facing passive, but, not to my personal liking. However, still Klipsch, and still great. Enjoy ! MrD.