Klipsch heresy questions

I want to get some fairly cheap high efficacy speakers. I was wondering if the Klipsch heresy speakers are gonna be an upgrade from my cerwin vega VE-12's?
IMO, yes. I had a pair Heresy series I and a pair of Heresy stage monitors. I found their sound to be more natural. Strongly suggest tube amplification in the 50 to 75 watt range with them - SS amps tend to make them a bit harsh. Good luck & happy listening!
Before you switch over to a horn speaker like the Klipsch, you really have to listen to them. People seem to love or hate them, and not many are in between.
These are hard to beat for the price. Bass can be boomy but the mid and high horns are great. I agree that you should listen for yourself, though. I grew up with a pair of these speakers in the '70's and unfortunately many modern hifi speakers just don't do it for me now because they miss the dynamics/punch of these things.
Yes, the Heresy speakers will be a major step up. I went from a pair of Cerwin Vega's to the Klipsch Cornwalls myself. You do not need a whole lot of power to drive them, as the first responder said. If you do have a SS amp, you just won't want to play them really loud, as it will definitely be harsh - tubes will work better.

Everyone talks about horns on the loud end, but one of the many things that is so great about them is that they are also amazing on the soft end of the spectrum, again especially with tubes. They simply can't be beat for their dynamic range, all over the spectrum.
They're fine, but compared to the CV speakers; the first thing you're gonna say is "Where's the bass!" Get a sub with them and you'll love it.
I think the Heresys will definitely be an upgrade over your Cerwin Vegas. They will not dig the deepest(around 50Hz with boundary gain) but the bass they do produce is tight and punchy and fast especially with your Acurus A250. The bass drive with that amp is remarkable especially for it's price point. My A250 drove my Heresys really well in my 13W x 13L x 10H spare bedroom. I am not using a subwoofer with mine but a quality sealed subwoofer will add that extra deepness you may want. Same applies for my Heresy II's in my master bedroom

Also consider the Klipsch Quartets, sort of a mini Forte
Dampening the mid horns, proper room/listener set up, and, matching them with the right equipment, will give you hours and hours of musical enjoyment. Anyone who has listened to a proper horn set up, ime, usually enjoys, more than dislikes, what they hear. MrD
Have you taken the plunge?