Klipsch Heresy IV

This seems to just have been released. Anyone heard it? Also looks like they raised the price by a grand. Curious how it compares to the Forte 3 and older Heresy 3. 
AS Robinson stated he MOVES and swaps out his speakers all the time. DO YOU?? Im betting you dont have a constant rotation going on which would of course cause less wear and tear on the speakers. I own about 10 pairs of speakers and constantly swap them so Mr Robinson's point about the Veneer is valid and should be a concern for anybody that is not just leaving them in place for a year or whatever.  Wait a year and ask DARKO if he sees any problems with his since he will be moving them in and out of his lineup constantly like Robinson does. Maybe he comes to the same conclusion and maybe he doesn't.  There is mention of this problem on the STEVE HOFFMAN Forum site so perhaps you should search the ENTIRE internet before making "concrete" statements
Take a deep breath. It was one hobbyist making a review and mentioning the damage and rust. One person. This was the first review where I heard of this and I would hope that JBL would step up and make a statement regarding the issue. It will not deter my interest in the L100. I hope to get a pair this summer.....unless COVID-19 has other plans for me.
I'm not on either side of the JBL or Heresy.  I was interested in both before buying Forte 3's...  I'm sure both rock and they get great reviews but like anything audio, gotta try it in your room with your gear to see if delivers the goods.

Regarding Robinson's JBL peeling veneer and rust complaint, that sounds like a humidity issue.  Maybe he inadvertently exposed them to excess moisture or humidity?  Unless he lives at the beach and has the windows open there's no reason why they would rust if kept indoors.  He probably bought them second hand or he would have sent them back to the dealer he bought them (or JBL directly) for replacement.  

Also, his reviews are crap.  Thick with so much schmaltz and fluff and no real substance.  Seems like he's targeting lower priced mass market stuff to maximize youtube views and page hits.  Slick website, video editing and... dogs!  (lol) 

ugh barf.  


   The guy is a reviewer. He is offered the product by the manufacturer for FREE. He only pays for it if he decides to keep it so almost everything you wrote is based on NO FACTS. How do you not know that's how it works???  If you also bothered reading the comments section of the review you would see they arrived damaged to begin with. 

So why should we have to read the “Comments “ section to find out the original conditions of gear Andy is reviewing??