Klipsch Heresy IV - not what I was expecting

I haven't felt the need to share my thoughts on a piece of audio equipment for some time. About 2 months ago, I purchased Heresy IV speakers kind of on a whim to hear horn speakers. With no local dealers, I bought them on Amazon with the thought that I can just return them if I didn't like them. At just 45lbs a piece, repackaging them would not be a big deal either. Most of my speakers have been monitors (Reference 3A mm de capo i, Merlin TSM mxr w/ Master RC networks, B&W 805 D3) with a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium integrated running EL34s and Berkeley Alpha DAC with an Auralic Aries Femto music server. My music tastes are wide ranging digital so long as the recording quality is very good.

Over the years, I had several folks cup their hands around their mouths to describe horns so I had a somewhat negative view going in. I had never heard horns prior. In hindsight now, the differences between my other monitors are more subtle -- some image a bit better, some had better low base control, extension, dynamics, etc. But with the Heresy's the music sounds very different from the others. It is more immediate and present (and fun). Some sounds actually startle me. They are not harsh and do not sound like "cupped hands". The Heresy's do not image as well as my other monitors - can't get that barking dog on "Amused to Death" to sound like it's coming from behind me -- but their imaging is still pretty good. It's just more of a larger but less delineated presentation. The Heresy's bass does fall off around 45Hz but my JL audio fixes that, as it does with my other monitors.  The bass down to 45Hz is tight and fast.

I bought the walnut version and its book matched veneer is high quality. One minor aspect that is a bit disappointing -- the feet are just cheap metal grommets which I think are unfitting for a $3K speaker. I'm not sure if Klipsch felt spikes were unnecessary based on the speaker's design? And yes, it's a bit weird that these speakers are designed to sit on the floor and angle up.  As a result, the entire soundstage is lower than my stand mounted monitors. Also, be forewarned that the cabinet doesn't have that "dead to the knock" sound that I'm used to with some of my speakers but again, I'm not sure the (ported) design requires it. Anyhow, I just wanted to share my experience with these speakers which was so vastly different (and satisfying) from what I was expecting. 
Just got my Heresy IVs in this morning and am now “working” through the break in process. If they are similar to the IIIs they are replacing it shouldn’t be too long a process. 
So far the bass is the biggest difference and really helps lend a more solid foundation to the presentation. Rear port doesn’t seem to have slowed the bass any.

I would say initial feel is more coherent top to bottom and a larger soundstage (huge). Such a fun speaker. Tonight I’ll switch from my Luxman solid state to some tubes and see what we have there.
I'm using a Luxman 505uXII and just purchase the Heresy IVs.These are the first Klipsch I've owned. Lost my Vandersteen's in the Harvey flood and have been using Martin Logan ESLs since then with a Yamaha 760. Perhaps I'm bored with the MLs I don't know but I had a 3K budget and these were getting good reviews so I scheduled a prvt appt at a local audio dealer and took a pair home. So far I'm very pleased with the sound, especially the soundstage which seems to open up much more than I could ever get with the ML's. I've heard some instruments on tracks that I never noticed previously. You mentioned using a tube. Can you share what you're going to use? 
Thanks for sharing your experience @lofgren 

I just added a set of Forte3's yesterday after trying a few other and could not be more impressed with the Klipsch horn sound.  It seemed most of the opinions I had heard had similar complaints - shouty, bright, fatiguing etc. But after some digging there are a lot of users who really enjoy them.  
I've only had them setup in my room for a day but so far i'm very happy.  Tons of dynamics, texture and a very energetic listen.  Pairs well with my Luxman 507uxII.


This may have no bearing on anything, but I heard a pair of Cornwall III speakers being driven by a Mcintosh 252 and I thought it didn’t sound good at all. Sound was confined and not free from the speakers. Definitely didn’t disappear and sounded somewhat closed in.  It was right after I heard the big Paradigm Persona floorstanders and that probably ruined me. 

Maybe the new Heresy IV sounds way better.

I'm glad you're finding happiness with the H4's.  They're beautiful, classically "American" loudspeakers.