Klipsch Heresy IIL's-Opinions?

Me again. I've been intrigued by the Klipsch Heresy III for some time. Unfortunately, I can not audition a pair so I'm soliciting opinions on their sound. My musical tastes trend to electric blues, classic rock and guitar oriented jazz, in that order. I have a studio type apt. and these appear to be a good fit with the limited floor space available.
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Go for it. They have a lot of life in them. If you like laid back, they're not the one, but they aren't sluggish, and they are dynamic and exciting in a small package. 
Had 2 pair back in the early 80s.  One original pair of home speakers that were stolen and then a pair of stage monitors that replaced them.  First sets of higher-end speakers I owned.  Very lively indeed, and perhaps too much so for an apartment.  They are hyper-efficient and can really project even at low volume.  I used to get a lot of complaints from my neighbors (newly renovated basement apartment in a stone building, Boston).  Listened mostly to progressive rock and fusion jazz back then.  Tube amplification works best; they can be fatiguing with SS.  Food for thought.

Good luck & happy listening!
Love my Heresy I's and Heresy II's.  The HIII's are known to be better.  I have found them to not be amplifier picky and very forgiving.  Dynamics are free wheeling.

Thank you all for your input, appreciated!
Why not purchase a pair of used Heresy 1s or 2s for cheap, and see how it goes. If you do not like them, you might break even in the resell. Or you can jump on the modify bandwagon, and improve on them. I am a huge Heritage fan, owning many in my time, and, currently. They "are" equipment sensitive, as I am not talking power, and require the proper room/listener distance, as all speakers do. It is nice to see, on Audiogon, that no one has jumped in and bashed horns, which is quite common here. Good luck, MrD.