Klipsch Heresy II Special Ed VS. Vandersteen 2c

I own a pair of Vandersteen 2c's which I really like but I also have a friend who's offering me his mint but original (no Crites upgrades) Heresy II Special Eds. I've never heard older Klipsch- how would you compare and contrast their sound? I had Klipsch KG5.5s and I loved how accurate they were but found them very fatiguing. I know most folks are collectors on here but I have limited funds and TBH space. As a renter its a bit challenging to constantly be hauling 3 full sets of gear around. Ha.

I should not that I have the following options for amplification:

- Sony STR V5 - underrated IMO
- Fisher 800c - potential match for the Klipsch 
- Nakamichi SR3a - Stasis/Nelson Pass
- Current= McCormack TLC --> 2 Marantz MA 500s  which will soon be powering Magnepan MG1s once I find better amp(s). (see other post) 

You couldn’t find two loudspeakers that sound more different from each other as do those two! If it was two chicks, one would be an extroverted party girl in a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, and ruby red lipstick, the other a quiet girl with glasses who spends lunch in the library. What’s your pleasure?
Well the obvious answer is both lol
Which is which?

     I believe bdp24 is stating the Klipsch are livelier, flashier and.....perhaps more promiscuous.

Well if you like the Vardersteens you may not like the Heresy. I couldnt live with this or any other Klipsch speaker without major changes and even then I find them wanting in every category but dynamics. The Vandersteen is a wonderful speaker for the money and a classic design.
Well, the Klipsch will certainly "put out" more with the same amount of effort (power) put in. ;-)
Why don't you hook up his speakers to your system, listen, and decide for yourself???
@jsautter, too subtle a joke? I admit it, I’m somewhat of a dirty old man.
Cheap Date a new line of speakers featuring a circular array of squawkers...in a conventional box....
a grille to cover the works is optional at additional cost, expect a review on TwoMoons soon......

or Four Moons...six is too much to qualify as a cheap date...
Proof is in the listening.  Try the Heresys with the Fisher and see if you like them (tubes are the only way to go with Heresy).  Be aware they are very efficient and not a choice to make neighbors happy in an apartment environment.

Good luck & happy listening!
Be aware they are very efficient and not a choice to make neighbors happy in an apartment environment.
The Heresy speakers sound great when played at lower volumes.  While they are all very efficient and are easy to drive to loud volumes, some Klipsch speakers hurt my ears when they are really loud. 

If I was going to get Klipsch and lived in an apartment, the Heresy would be perfect.  They're not too big, the bass is tight and tuneful, but doesn't extend very low, and they sound great at lower volumes.

Based on all the hype by those that should know, the Klipsch RP600M stand mount with a couple of subs might be just the ticket.