Klipsch Heresy 4?

I didn't realize the 4s came out until I started researching the Heresy 3s. Has anyone heard them or purchased them? What's the deal?
My review: https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2020/02/17/klipsh-heresy-iv-review-klipsh-steps-into-the-audiophile-r...

Some of the best speakers I have owned, and I have owned speakers up to $45k. A steal at their cost, and lifetime keepers. I used to own the III, and these are an all new speaker. 
Had them for a week and a half. You can’t do better than Steve’s review above - convinced me to give them a shot. I had the Heresy III and it was an easy decision to trade up after hearing the IV. The III was good and a lot of fun but the IV much more of what I like in the III and refined. I have ATC SCM 40 Mark 2 speakers as well and they aren’t likely going back in rotation for a while.
@stevehuff Thanks!! Great review! I'm reading and seeing some great reviews on YouTube. The bass port seems to have made a huge difference! I may have to try these babies very soon!!
I'll likely be replacing my IIIs later this year just to see what's what, as I did hear some very impressive new Cornballs (uh...Cornwalls...sorry) and Fortes recently. My IIIs are fabulous and if the IVs are fabulouser I'll notice that immediately...they'll be auditioned first of course as there's a relatively nearby shop to hear them, but I trust Mister Delgado has made some good choices with the IVs.
I've picked up a pair of IVs in walnut and now the conundrum is what to power them with.  I am going back and forth between tubes and low-powered SS, like First Watt.

What are people using for amps for their Heresy's?
Great question! I don't have them (yet) but I've read so many reviews and many recommend tubes with Klipsch. Since they don't require a lot of power, the First Watt should be just fine. 

They respond well to quality but aren’t too picky about tubes vs solid state so far in my experience. Today listening to them with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium with great results but I also use an Almarro a205a and a Luxman 507ux. All sound great but you can hear the differences in the amps easily enough.
I'm not sure how much of the 12wpc (up to 17wpc depending on power tubes) Dennis Had Firebottle HO SEP is using to drive the Heresy IIIs, but there's a lot of headroom left in the thing...Since switching to Heresy IIIs a few years ago I've noted you can use ANY amp since they're  amazingly efficient. The single ended tube amp has benefits of harmonically proper tone and simplicity not provided by other amp types, and I like it.
Im using a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos.   40 w with EL 34 tubes....   it will take any EL 34 or 6L6 variant...   KT66, KT77, KT88, etc.... great amps   
Really enjoy Steve Huff's reviews! Valuable information. 
I'm starting to see more and more reviews online and via YouTube now. I hope to hear them soon!!

I was listening to my KEF ls50s today and thinking the sound was much like when I demoed the Heresy IVs a week or so back.
That’s a complement for the Klipsch but they do cost 3x more although the Klipsch would mate better with more amps especially tube amps I would say.
Note that this is in a small 12x12 room though with very beefy amps driving the KEFs and also by chance with a Klipsch sw308 sub in play.
I’ll say this, Klipsch speakers like a certain prez who’s name I won’t mention. No middle ground, love em or hate em. 
@t_ramey Thanks for posting that---I watched his review yesterday. I follow him and he's quite good. I'm dying to hear these speakers!!
I agree with Andrew in that it’s very hard to go back to less sensitive non horn type speakers after hearing what speakers like Klipsch can do. They’re not perfect but man are they fun and enjoyable. These H 4’s sound like a great doorway into high sensitivity speakers that don’t take up a lot of floor space.
Based on my experience (which is exactly like yours assuming you're me) the Heresy IIIs unapologetically do provide a high end experience that is as good as the gear driving 'em. Coherent and detailed. However, having just read an interview with Alon Wolf, I'm inclined more toward the "no port" (except in a storm of course) design of my Heresy IIIs...this is convenient as that's what I own, but some of his points were interesting relative to why Magicos are portless. Level goes up allowing  bass to become unruly and lumpy, port noise, mouse and rodent entry points, possible buoyancy issues when in flooded conditions, last minute hiding places for contraband during police raids. It's also interesting that Heresies are relatively unique...small floor tilted fat boxes which really do take up less visual space...a good thing...I can see over them. I will audition the IVs eventually and likely recant most of this post, but for now I'm with Alon.
I’m confused w/ Huffs reviews. Just before this review he reviewed the Dynaudio Special 40 and swore up and down that it was the best speaker he ever heard in his system and that it’s a lifetime speaker. Don’t be swayed by his reviews. Take what you want from them with a grain of salt and make your own decision from other sources too and personal auditioning.

special 40

Heresy iv

I enjoy Huff's reviews.  He does have some good insight about the components he reviews.  But you should keep in mind, the newest speaker, amp, etc., that he reviews, is the best.  And he keeps it for a while until the next "Best" hits his column.