Klipsch Heresy

Is there anything special about the Klipsch Heresy? I remember them from my old college days and they were the low end of the original Klipsch horn line and cost about $500/pr, if I remember correctly. They are efficient speakers and probably better for rock. I happen to got ONE speaker cheap from a garage sale and was looking around to buy another ONE to use as rear channels but they seem to fetch high prices on used market. Some pairs went as high as the orginal retail price.
I had a pair of these in college. I think at that time they went for around 800??? Today dollars...CPI, plus competition, would be around $2500-just a guess. With a SET amp...bet they would sound pretty darn good for the money...I'd hang out here, someone might put a pair up...

I used mine with a Audio Research SP6, Linn table and a Audio research tube amp...great set up until I heard the maggies and broadened my musical tastes to classical and jazz..
I have a pair of the industrial grade ported heresy's. Give them a great source, clean power and set up properly they sing. I think they are worthy of a decent resale value. Jfrech is right about the cost of a new pair back then.
Nothing special about these speakers. I bought brand new in 1975 for $500/pair. Better than my then Advent large 2 way speakers. Upgraded to the Cornwalls. Kept them from 1975-1996. Sold them and bought Martin-Logan SL3's. Never looked back. Steve