Klipsch  Headphone Pre-amp Hookup

I have a Herron VTSP-3A line preamp.  I have a Teac X10-R reel-to-reel occupying the tape circuits.  I want to hookup a Klipsch headphone amplifier to the Herron using RCA cables.  I was thinking the best option is to connect it between the Herron and my power amp, and second best use an RCA Y adapter and connect it to the tape circuits.  Thoughts anyone?
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Generally speaking it is preferable to connect a headphone amp to the tape outputs of a preamp, to keep the signal path that is used for headphone listening as simple as possible, **IF** the preamp's tape outputs can provide adequate drive capability.  Which may or may not be the case with your particular equipment.

Two approaches to determining what is best in this particular situation occur to me:

1) It appears that your Teac deck has a line-level input impedance of 50K. You'll need to determine the input impedance of the headphone amp, which may necessitate contacting Klipsch. You would then determine the combined input impedance of the two loads by multiplying the two impedance numbers together and dividing that product by the sum of the two numbers. Then, since the output impedance of the preamp's tape outputs is not specified, ask Keith Herron if that combined impedance number is a suitable load for the preamp's tape outputs.

2) Try it both ways and see what sounds best. In doing so, for both approaches see if there are any sonic effects on what you hear from the speakers, as well as comparing results with the headphones.

-- Al

Thanks for the advice.  I'll definitely reach out to Keith before I purchase a headphone amp.

I was interested in this amp / DAC  so any comments would be great.   I just picked up a pair of Ebony Klipsch HP 3 headphones and they are awesome !!!   If you like Klipsch Heritage speakers check them out.   If you hate Klipsch, still check them out, they way surpassed my expectations.   Build quality is top notch.   After spending a few weeks with them I have no regrets, money well spent.