Klipsch Forte IV ... what amp ?

No , I am not asking for a particular amp style and brand here . Although I am not refusing any suggestions either !

What I would like to know first is what characteristics to look for in an amp to drive these speakers (Forte 4’s) to full performance .

Such characteristics as :

1.) What is needed to handle the low impedance of 4 ohms ?

2.) While the sensitivity is listed at 99 dbs. it is considered to be closer to @ 96 dbs,

3.) What about negative feedback ?

4.) Will the 12" woofer and 15 " rear radiator need special attention also ?

5.) Do the horns require special consideration ?

I feel that these considerations will go further to getting it right than , " hey , just get a tube amp and enjoy " .

Thank you & Be Safe .


I just purchased a pair of Forte 4’s a week ago, and the listening session I had with them was fantastic. I am driving them with a Music Reference RM 200 tube amp, coming from a Rotel 1590MK 2 preamp. (My other speakers are JBL L100 Classics) 

running Hegel H95 at the moment with Bluesound streamer

the amp was recommended by more than one Klipsch dealer that does not carry Hegel

seems to be a very good match




coachpoconnor wrote:  "I am also using a 10 ohm 5 watt resistor on the speaker terminals, like Nelson has suggested."


Coach, is the suggestion about the resistor Pass recommends particular to the Sit 3 or is it something I should look into for my two First Watt F3s I use with my triamplified DIY horn speakers?