Klipsch Forte IIs, which amp?

I have a pair of Klipsch Forte IIs that I need an amp for. The preamp is a Parasound Zpre3. I was using a Parasound A23 but have moved that into a different room. The A23 sounded great, should I go for another or look into something else in the sub $1k range new/used? I’ve been eyeballing an older McIntosh MC7100 too.

Thanks for any input.
I owned these many moons ago, one of the best Klipsch made, they don’t shout at you, any amp will drive them.
But the best from my experience is a tube amp, one that has a tight bass not a thick bass that makes the mids euphonic.
I had a 4 per channel EL34 pentode push/pull that I put a variable feedback dial (0-30db) on, easy to do, so you can get just the right output impedance (damping factor) for the bass, for whatever speaker.

Cheers George
Get a 20 to 50 watt tube amp. Given your budget restrictions, a little Cayin A50T or similar integrated will likely sound much better with your Forte IIs than any entry-level SS separates.
This past week I heard the Klipsch Forte III's w/a new Luxman SQ-N150. It's a 10 wpc push pull tube integrated w/four EL-84 pentodes and 2 ECC-83 tubes. Great full sound from the setup. 
I agree with georgehifi.  The Klipsch Forte were my first really good speakers.  I was new to the hobby and poor in the late 80's and used them with an SS NAD integrated amp. Not a bad combination but they could get tinny and glare with those early CD's.  Looking back, the Jolida JD-1000a integrated amp with it's EL-34 tubes I use in a 2nd system would have been a perfect match. The EL-34's have a nice high frequency roll off, a warm detailed mid range and plenty of bass.  Good Luck.
Pass ACA monos with my Forte II's. Plenty of volume in my listening room.