Klipsch Forte IIIs vs. Heresy III with a sub

I have Forte IIIs but wifey thinks they are too big for our living room / 2 channel listening room.  Considering swapping for Heresy IIIs and adding a sub.  I like to get the really low frequency in stuff like Sylvan Esso but also want the sound of Klipsch for classic rock and jazz.

Three questions:

Will the Heresy IIIs sound as good as the Forte IIIs do now if I add the sub?
Will I be able to cross the sub over to match well with the Heresy's bass range?
Will a Sunfire 8" XTEQ sub work well with the Heresy IIIs?

Paging Wolf Garcia! Wolf Garcia to the courtesy phone, please!
I say stall and make excuses until the Forte become the norm. I have the Forte and friend has the Heresy for similar reasons you may get. I find there are no comparisons and it may prove difficult to intergrate a sub. Just my 2 cents.

note... I have not heard the 3s for either version.
Show your wife pictures of some other larger speakers and she will change her mind. Enjoy ! MrD.
@mrdecible - I was going to say: Borrow some La Scallas for a week. They will make the Forte's seem tiny!
dweller, that is another way to do it, but imo, might confuse the op to what he would want, as there are some design differences. Just a few, lol. Enjoy ! MrD.
The Batphone just rang...clearly I relish any opportunity to blather about Heresy IIIs...I listened to the new version Fortes at around the same time I was auditioning the Heresy IIIs, and although the Fortes are a somewhat unique design they do sound similar to the Heresy IIIs, but for my tastes anyway, not quite as coherent overall. Also the size of the Heresy is more appealing to me so when I found an "open box" deal on Ebay I snapped 'em up...1000 bucks off list price (surprisingly it was the "Capitol" version that arrived, although this version is sonically identical to the regular version for 500 bucks more, these come with unique finishes...black is sort of dark purple). You can still get that deal by the way...some company based in Nevada called "acousticsounddesign." Free shipping to my house near Boston took 3 days! The price difference is such that you can buy a great sub and the Heresy's for less than a Forte pair...I already had 2 REL subs, and those combined with the Heresy IIIs 58hz low frequency limits sound astonishingly good. The short and fat stature of the Heresy cabinet is somewhat unobtrusive relative to tower or standmount speakers I've owned so that's a good thing also. The 99db efficiency and 8 ohm rating fits with my little single ended amp perfectly. Here's a cool review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-119-ken-micallef-june-2018

Well with the help of my two college age kids I was able to convince my wife that two Fortes is better than two Heresys + two subwoofers. Along with that I listened to some Chainsmokers and Sylvan Esso last night when nobody was home to distract me and have decided I have enough subsonic bass to live with....at least for the time being. So the Forte IIIs stay! They truly are wonderful sounding and well built speakers. Now to add the MC2105 and see if everything improves!


Thanks to all of you for your advice and insight. I look forward to many years as a happy Klipsch owner now.

What? You ignored my advice? Wow man...and using your college kids to pressure your wife isn't even legal in most places. Unfortunately, you likely will enjoy your Forte IIIs for many years regardless of your crass self centered attitude clearly calculated to make Heresy owners feel bad. You have to live with that...however, get a Dennis Had Firebottle amp and I'll try and get over the Forte III issue...not going to be easy...*sniff*...
The drivers in the Forte III and Heresy seem to be similar, at least I think. Would the wider spacing of the drivers along with the larger front baffle of the Forte be some of the cause of the lack of coherency you hear between the two? I'm just curious...
I like tighter and more controllable bass which might be why I formed that opinion from an initial listen, plus I already had the subs subs that are very adjustable. The "new" mid horn has been accepted by Klipsch freaks as an improvement and I did like the general clarity of 'em, but the Heresy IIIs sounded more like the speakers I was using I suppose...those are Silverline Preludes I only replaced as I wanted the 99db efficiency for my little SEP amp. I still have the Preludes as I can't bring myself to sell them...yet...