Klipsch driver help needed please

I was wondering if you might be able
to give me some suggestions on Klipsch drivers.
I have a midrange (squawker) that is sort of buzzing/distorted during some but not all passages.

Does it sound like a blown driver/squawker?? Can they be

These are 1989 La Scalas (midrange) (K 55-M model #)

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, they would
be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like the diaphragm. Replacement cost should be around $60.00. You can check out the forum on the Klipsch web site. Serious wealth of knowledge and help. They can tell you cost of repairs, troubleshooting tips and more tweak info than anyone would believe. Best of luck!
Check with bcrites on eBay. He's great for that sort of thing. He's also on the Klipsch forum. Rebuilds crossovers as well.
Thanks Klipschfan & Boa2,

I am looking into, and finding a bunch of great
sites to cover most all things Klipsch.
Still if anyone else has any suggestions in general
Mods etc..etc.. keep em coming.
1)Rebuilt crossovers (talk to Bob Crites)--about $80

2)Re-wire with 16ga silver http://www.percyaudio.com
He also has 3/16" spades. Cost me about $150 to re-wire our K-horns.

3)Dampen the horns by wrapping them with Dynamat, or the like. Takes all the shout out, and forces the music into the room more.

Some people on the Klipsch forum will baste you for re-wiring with silver ("Waste of money," they say), but I can tell you that it makes a big difference. The music has more clarity, drive, and sounds much more immediate.

Best of luck,
Thanks Boa2,

Just what I am looking for! I really appreciate
the info.

BTW...I have been looking for some contact info
for Bob Crites.
Do you happen to know it?
He's the seller. Sorry, his eBay name is bobcrites:

Hi Boa2,

Thanks again!

Firstly I agree its probably the diapraghm which can be replaced. If you are going to get a new crossover I have great things about the ALK to replace the AA. One thing you can't do at a reasonable price is get a new driver from Klipsch they still make the La scalas and have them but when I asked them for tweeter for my heresies (I have La Scalas as well) they wanted $275 for the pair so I got a whole pair on ebay. See my classifieds here on Agon if anyone wants the the tweeter was O.K.- You can get K55 drivers on ebay as well individually they actually have a category under consumer electronics for drivers also look under speakers and vintage speakers which has a lot of cool drivers. Now would somebody look at me JBLC36 question?