Klipsch Cornwall IV

Hello all,

I'm interested in what people who have heard the speaker feel about it. I currently run spatial M3 turbos and have an all tube analog setup ( line magnetic, hagerman ) with an oppo 105 being the digital front end.

Previous speakers have been acoustic zen, reference 3A, Maggie 3.6, and triangles. I am more concerned with a huge immersive sound stage than I am with pinpoint imagery. I have a big room and have plenty of space between the back wall and my speakers if I need it.

Any thoughts?
From past experience with other speakers that I upgraded myself, it is worthwhile sonically to replace the binding posts even if they aren't flimsy. I'm sure that they're brass, and you'll be happier with solid copper. There are copper binding posts that aren't very expensive.  
@roxy54 ,  I finished that today. Wow.  I should've just done it when I had the speakers open and apart.  There was very little of the Audioquest wire they used to wire them to the posts available to strip and solder.  

My soldering iron is taking a few months off!
I have to do my binding posts as well.  I am sure I will have to pull the woofers one more time because as I recall, there is very little service loop so you cannot do it from the rear.  An extra inch or two of wire would have made it possible.   I will get to it eventually.   So @jbhiller , have you got 50+ hours on them since the crossover upgrades?
I don't get Klipsch Heritage line. Some believe the stock speakers just fine, others have need to modify. As for myself, I'm in the mod camp, how anyone can put up with their timbre anomalies is beyond me (other issues I won't go into, timbre by far the worst). Klipsch should listen to the modders, institute some of those upgrades in factory versions. Most of these mods wouldn't require steep price increases, and put Klipsch in higher echelon of loudspeakers. Heritage line has some real inherent advantages, not taking advantage of them in stock form. Haven't heard the latest Heritage models, so I can't comment on whether Klipsch improving, but continuing mods lead to same conclusion.

As for the Klipsch purist. Do you believe the modders are experiencing real improvements, or is it delusion?
I don't think that there are too many people who don't believe that modding leads to improvement, but just like in anything else, there are many people who just purchase something and use it the way that it is. I also think that there are some that are simply afraid to try because they don't feel that they are able to do modifications. 
It can also be that they stretched their budget just to buy the speakers and now can't afford to mod them even if they had the inclination.
My Dad was very financially secure, but he grew up poor, and he would never think of doing such a thing. Anything that he used in his life , whether it was a suit or a sink was always "good enough" to him, and esthetic considerations had no meaning. I wish that I was like him, because I would be much richer. I'm always looking to improve the looks or performance of things that I own and use.