Klipsch Cornwall IV

Hello all,

I'm interested in what people who have heard the speaker feel about it. I currently run spatial M3 turbos and have an all tube analog setup ( line magnetic, hagerman ) with an oppo 105 being the digital front end.

Previous speakers have been acoustic zen, reference 3A, Maggie 3.6, and triangles. I am more concerned with a huge immersive sound stage than I am with pinpoint imagery. I have a big room and have plenty of space between the back wall and my speakers if I need it.

Any thoughts?
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Supposedly you will hear a noticeable change...for the better...using the Line Magnetic 512 Preamp with the 845 Premium. Hope to find out one day for myself.
@ozzy62: If you come across a Music Reference RM-10 Mk.2, consider snapping it up. That amp was Roger's favorite push-pull amp of his design, and is a little jewel. He made it in a few different incarnations: originally 35/35w in Class A/B, later 25/25w in Class A. I think I have that right, but if not @clio09 will correct me. ;-)
@dbarger , thanks for the details.
My experience powering the CW IV with a 2A3 SET amp has been very rewarding, it’s the best sound I’ve had with the Cornwall so far.

The amps I’ve used have been a Naim Uniti Nova and an Audio Note Cobra--each sounded excellent and had unique strengths: the Naim brought prodigious bass to the table whereas the Cobra has a crystal clear midrange that makes voices sounds eerily real.

For me, however, the Triode Lab 2A3 provides the most pleasurable listening experience and plays to levels louder than I typically listen, without clipping.

Interestingly enough, both the Audio Note and the Triode Lab are dead quiet--possibly even more silent than the Naim.
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