Klipsch Cornwall IV

Hello all,

I'm interested in what people who have heard the speaker feel about it. I currently run spatial M3 turbos and have an all tube analog setup ( line magnetic, hagerman ) with an oppo 105 being the digital front end.

Previous speakers have been acoustic zen, reference 3A, Maggie 3.6, and triangles. I am more concerned with a huge immersive sound stage than I am with pinpoint imagery. I have a big room and have plenty of space between the back wall and my speakers if I need it.

Any thoughts?
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wrm57, exactly the differences you might expect. The 845 is fuller sounding, the luxman a bit more transparent. The luxmans are the first solid state combo that is a keeper for me. I have mostly tried passlabs, first watt, ayre, parasound, etc. usually listed them or returned them within a week or so of receiving them. The lux’s have all the transparency and detail of the best solid stated but a bit of the naturalness of tubes.
Yes I have used preamps into the premium. The lower end amps (518) benefit greatly from that, but not this, IMO. It is all transformer coupled and pretty well voiced as it comes. I will also say that upgrading the 845’s to elrogs has a much greater impact on the 518 than on this. As supplied it sounds great!
Also, to elaborate a bit more on the satisfaction level with the lm210ia, it is equally satisfying, but in different ways.  It has different cards to play, mostly in directness and nuance.  It is a keeper also.  In fact I did order a pair of western electrics for it today.
So far I have used a music reference RM9 II (125 watts), Granite Audio monoblocks (60 watts), NOS valves ST-45 (40 watts), and now an Aric Audio Super KT88/150 SE with the cornwalls.

The 14 watts/channel of the Aric amp have been the star of the show. This combination is pure magic.

Supposedly you will hear a noticeable change...for the better...using the Line Magnetic 512 Preamp with the 845 Premium. Hope to find out one day for myself.
@ozzy62: If you come across a Music Reference RM-10 Mk.2, consider snapping it up. That amp was Roger's favorite push-pull amp of his design, and is a little jewel. He made it in a few different incarnations: originally 35/35w in Class A/B, later 25/25w in Class A. I think I have that right, but if not @clio09 will correct me. ;-)
@dbarger , thanks for the details.