Klipsch Cornwall Equivalent?

Is the an equivalent to the Klipsch Cornwalls that would be most cost friendly, used or new?
Used cornwalls can be had for under $1000, maybe $600 if you find a realy good deal.

Check out klipsch Forte and Chorus for less. Look for a Forte II with a revised midrage horn. You may want to go to the Klipsch forum.
I more or less meant not made by klipsch.
Altec Valencia
The Altec Valencias look a tad on the explensive side... found em for 1,700 on ebay.
For the price of used Cornwalls you are going to be very hard pressed to do better, especially if you repalce the caps in the crossovers.
Elmo, I can find you a pair of the Altec Valencia's in good shape for around $1k, if you are interested. With shipping, might be a bit more though.