Klipsch Cornwall Equivalent?

Is the an equivalent to the Klipsch Cornwalls that would be most cost friendly, used or new?
Used cornwalls can be had for under $1000, maybe $600 if you find a realy good deal.

Check out klipsch Forte and Chorus for less. Look for a Forte II with a revised midrage horn. You may want to go to the Klipsch forum.
I more or less meant not made by klipsch.
The Altec Valencias look a tad on the explensive side... found em for 1,700 on ebay.
For the price of used Cornwalls you are going to be very hard pressed to do better, especially if you repalce the caps in the crossovers.
Elmo, I can find you a pair of the Altec Valencia's in good shape for around $1k, if you are interested. With shipping, might be a bit more though.
Interesting thread
Anyone hear the Klipsch, Volti, or Altec, that care to offer an opinion. I own Valencia’s with a German Werner Jagusch crossover...haven’t heard them stock for a while. Very well balanced top to bottom. Not deep bass, but sounds complete and never lacking for my taste. No horn coloration or shout that I can detect. 18 wpc Parallel Single ended Shindo 300B drives these effortlessly. I’ve been in this hobby for a while, and have been content with the Shindo/Altec for some time, but I admit these other speakers interest me. Interesting you mention the Volti drumnman2...they have caught my attention as well. As far as the Klipsch Corn IV’s, I have heard them twice at my local dealer. One day with a Carver tube amp, the other with a Grandinote Shinai. They sounded much better with the latter, which was solid state. I don’t make much out of either listen, as they were brief, and with unfamiliar recordings.

on your brief listen of the Cornwall IV do they peak your interest or just more hype?
The hype is real, lol........
Sound better than Corwalls but lack furniture aesthetic, at a third of the price.

Sound better than Corwalls but lack furniture aesthetic, at a third of the price.


I owned them. Sound better than earlier cornwalls. Not even close to CW IV.


From a dimension and aesthetic equivalent, take a look at the Tannoy Legacy Arden. Unfortunately, they retail higher than the Cornwall IV in their new guise. Perhaps look for one of the earlier models.
As the title of this thread suggests, alternatives are being explored. A sentiment I see all too often in various Agon threads among those seeking the great qualities of a horn based speaker made in the US market but up against the Klipsch price scheme.

Even the lower bracket occupied by Klipsch products have unfortunately become overpriced, where more than 2/3rds of the cost of the Cornwall is going to marketing dept, advertising, upper management CEO and COO golden pockets, and then 200 minimum wage proles etc. Look at the components and do the math. It doesn’t add up. Do I hear Kenjit in the midst? You will find throughout the audio industry, the smaller business’ many of them regulars on Agon will give you happiness and a much bigger bang for the buck. Of course, there will always be those that need to rationalize a purchase. We have all been there; That which cannot be undone. A 100 lb. speaker cannot returned even if bought on Amazon. The reactions when you realize you have the most expensive paperweight in history are on the form of rationalization, akin to buyer’s remorse when it dawns on you.
Look into vintage Electro Voice. Some models had horn tweeters and midrange drivers and cone woofers.