Klipsch Chorus I's tweeters are not working

I bought a set of Klipsch Chorus I's about a year ago and noticed the highs didn't seem like they should. I played them for the first time in a while the other day and noticed that nothing was coming from either tweeter. Since both tweeters are not working on these speakers what is the most likely problem ?? Do you take the woofer out to get to the crossover ?? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated....Thanks
Probably overdriven and fried tweeter voice coils. Those are great party speakers.
Do "voice coils" equal "diaphragms" ??
The diaphragm is what vibrates and transfers the sound to the air.

The voice coil is the "motor" behind the diaphragm. (current through the coil produces the emf that opposes the magnetic field of the driver magnet assembly and causes the coil to move in or out)

Either or both can be damaged by being overdriven. Only the magnet is durable.
I'm sure you have a fried tweeter.Call Klipsch manufacturer and order a set of tweeters,It might cost you no more than $125 a set.I replaced mine about a year ago when a friend of mine accidentally overdriven the speaker and fried the hf.It's easy to replace the drivers and install the new ones.Good luck.
Does this mean I need to replace the magnet assembly behind the diaphragms ??

I would open things up and check the xover and wiring to the tweeter. Yes, you need to take the woofer out to get to the xover. Since you are not getting sound from both, I highly doubt that something is wrong with both xovers. I think that the diaphragms are gone.

It's easy to call Klipsch up and get replacement diaphragms. They are less than $50 each and come with directions to install. If you even a little handy, you should be able to install them yourself. If you need help with it, drop me an email and I'll help you out.

replaced diaphragms....still nothing