Klipsch Belle center channel hook-up

I have a Belle Klipsch that was made as a center channel only.....Small problem hooking it up.....The tech at Klipsch says I need a pre-amp with a center channel out-put, and I need to get rid of my Audio Research Pre-amp................Does anyone on this forum know how to get a hold of someone at Klipsch that knows something about the old school speakers and hook up...............Let me know    Will
Did you try + to +, - to -?
Sir: I would say this system was designed special for this speaker.....The problem is I can't seem to find a old-school Klipsch person , at Klipsch that can understand this type of network.............This is not something you can guess at, I'm not hooking up a bunch of expensive audio equipment without know whats correct................Will
If anyone can make anything out of these numbers , they are on the cabinet and network.....The cabinet number is  S/N  BK3M01705480001 and the network number is P/N  116647
Autospec, I am a Klipsch guy ( never worked for them, but 50 years of Klipsch in my blood ). Many Belles were sold as single center speakers, during the days of monaural, to fill the empty gap between the wide distance between the corner horns ( Klipschorn ). What is the configuration on the crossover ? Is it just a plus and minus from the amplifier, as any other speaker ? I do not recall any speaker from Klipsch wired differently. I think the situation in using this center channel in a 2 channel rig, would be, how do you sum the left and right signals together to create a mono signal, to feed a monaural amp, to feed this Belle, without disturbing the stereo left and right of the system. I might be completely off track, but that is what I feel the Klipsch tech was talking about. A multi channel preamp, having a dedicated center channel, which in a HT system, has dialogue, mostly in movies, with steering logic circuitry sent to the center channel, and, it is not a mono signal. Typically, on older Klipsch Heritage speakers using terminal blocks, whatever crossover is used, the 2 right outer terminals on the block edge closest to you, on the crossover, are where the amp connections are. Enjoy ! MrD.
What I am trying to get across to the readers is this speaker seems to have a rather large passive summing network.....It looks like a very large crossover, about the size of (3) AA crossovers.......It appears that there are two 5 way input connectors which are jumped together......This was one of the last Belles ever built, and was built as a center channel only.........Will
So two posts. Are they by any chance labeled in any way? Like maybe "+" and "-"?
What I am trying to get across, its a speaker. You hook it up, you turn it on. Just not seeing the problem here.
Will, take it easy, we are trying to help you. Are you saying that there are 3 boards, each the size of a single crossover ? Two 5 way input connectors jumped together seems it was made for biamping or biwiring. Center speakers connect the same as all other speakers. Take some photos and post them.
There are all kinds of issues, like phase, polarity and of course right and wrong and right and left.......Millercarbon , do you work on electronics or just visit forums for something to do ??    You can't just hook things up to see what happens.......One polarity problem with a 400 watt Bedini amp and you won't need a center channel, you will need a new house..........Will
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