Klipsch 5.1 and Yamaha R-N602

Hi all,

Firstly, for those of you who live in Europe, there are nice deals for Klipsch in Fnac.

Right now, I have a setup with Yamaha R-N602 amp and pair of Klipsch RP-6000F. and with the deals I bought a sub, another pair of speakers and a center unit ( Klipsch RP-440C center, pair of Klipsch RP-600M and Klipsch R-112SW as sub )

I want to convert this setup to 5.1, but I have a question first. My amp as A/B speaker setup but I believe impedance changes when A+B used together, can I use Rp-600M pair as Speakers B without running into any issues?

My second question is, is there an amp you could advise, less than 1000 euros preferably, to allow me to run this 5.1 system? Also, I have a turntable which is connected to my amp at the moment, I am looking for something with phono input again.