klipsch 4.1 is the best.

i think the klipsch 4.1 speakers for PC is the best that is out in the market now. what do you think? any other good sounding speaker? (i'm not associated in any way with the Klipsch company.)
If cost is not an object, there is most certainly a better solution.

I use Mackie HR824 active studio monitors with my PC, each one is internally bi-amped. They have essentially falt frequency response from 40Hz-20kHz. This is of course a rather expensive solution, but I truly have not heard better sound out of a PC.
I think you need to have your ears listen to the MonSoon MM1000, if you want to brag about the Klipsch. I found the Klipsch to very harsh sounding and a very dry bass.
Others to consider are the Monsoon MM2000 and Boston Acoustics BA4800.

The Sirocco Crossfires are clearly better but this comes at a cost.
Aego2, stereophile and TAS got this one right on the money.
Second the motion re the Aego. They actually sound like Bose claims their little ones sound.
Just bought a set.
Check out its specs on www.videologic.com
It both satellites use MDF paneling, are hand assembled, uses Aerogel woofers.
Each satellite is bi-amped, and the subwoofer is served by a pair of bridged amplifiers. The 6 discrete amplifers are fed by a toroidal transformer with 40,000uF of filtering capacitance! You get what you pay for at US$900!
Now, wait until I get my soldering station out and start replacing its capacitors with BlackGate or Cerafine, and resistors with Vishay, volume control knob with a stepped attenuator. buahhaha