Klipsch ?

Hi,I have a pair of Klipsch that the person SWEARS are Heresys.The problem is that these speakers have an 8 inch forward firing and a 10 radiator in the rear.The Heresys that i have seen are 3 ways.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael
The Heresy's are a 3 way. 12 inch woofer, horn loaded mid and tweeter.Alway was and always will.
the speakers are klipsch kg-4.

Bigjoe,Thanks for the response.I forgot to mention that these have 1 8 inch foward firing and a soft dome tweeter.Does the KG-4 have 1 or 2 8 inchers? Michael
From the Klipsch website, regarding the KG-4s. Hope this helps:

>>Two-way system using one 1" (2.54cm) phenolic dome compression driver tweeter with a 90°x40° Exponential horn, two 8" (20.32cm) front-firing, poly ICG cone woofers and one 12" (30.48cm) rear-firing, fiber-composite cone passive radiator<<