Klinger Favre

Anyone that has heard the Studio 15 and 30?

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I just got prices for the Studio series speakers.
The Studio 15 is: €10 000 (incl stands)
The Studio 20 is: €15 000 (NEW model) (incl stands)
The Studio 30 is: €20 000 (incl stands)

Any users or anyone heard this, please word up!

One of the greatest tube's forum on the web (elektor.fr) have some of its members using Klinger-Favre's speakers.

A member of that forum talked to me with so much enthousiasm about these speakers that I start to be very curious. So I have read a little bit on them. Everything I read is basically in French (my own language). And it's the same for the forum above which is in French also.

Here in Quebec, me and some friends want to hear the Klinger-Favre speakers. We are planning to do so on a next trip to France, where they are built. Maybe I'll have the chance next summer...

Any other information on these speakers are welcome.

I heard the D56 ( new 8 inch driver) and it sounding amazing..
neutral and even frequency response from top to bottom