KLH speakers. Your opinions wanted

2 days ago I managed to pick up Some KLH AV44s. I think the sound is pretty good. A little forward in my big room but in my smaller bedroom hooked up to a Tandberg reciever the sound mellowed. I cant find any info on these speakers on Google. What was their list price and what year were they made? Any and all opinions appreciated.
IN early 70's.
Their price is near $50
Ok speakers in their day but drivers will not last forever and will be hard to replace.
Guys, Are you sure this speaker was made in the early 70's. KLH was bought out and were making speakers until
around 2004 or so. I haven't checked on them since. The were located in California. The speakers were nothing similar to what they made in the early days of audio. The AV designation should be for Audio Video.
Here is the information needed to contact them. It's right there on google. The engineer was a really nice guy when I spoke to them several years ago.

Customer Service
p: 1-818-767-2843 Ext. 117
e: [email protected]
f: 1-818-785-3581

KLH Audio Systems
16250 Stagg St.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Best buy sold KLH aroun 96-98. They were never as good as the Cerwin Vegas next to them. Thety were like $250 pr for the 15" driver versions if I recall.