Hello, i recently acquired 2 pairs of these speakers and they are 16 ohm.
My question is, if i run these with one power amp (Krell Ksa-80)and run two pairs of speaker cables (2 for left/2 for right) would this bring the ohms down to 8 ohm?
Also do i need to run the second set of speaker cables directly back from the amp to speaker or can i jump a short pair of cables from speaker to speaker?
My plan is too run all 4 speakers with one amp for now as i just want to hear how they sound.
First though i need to make up some power cords as they did not come with any!
Thanks in Advance!
I would exercise some caution with loading a vintage amp. The amp probably needs to be recapped and I would not subject it to anything other than one pair of speakers at a time. I once burned up an old Marantz power amp playing around with multiple speakers.
You should be able to get satisfying volumes even at 16 Ohms. It's a pity that these speakers are not being driven by tube amps, which do really well with higher impedance speakers.
Sounds like that would work. You can jumper the wires or use double runs. Both ways are pictured here.

Perfect, so i'll connect them in parallel and the load will go from 16 ohms to 8 ohms which is good.
You may want to reach out to Janszen, whose father designed the 9. His company, in Ohio, offers restoration services, and he may have some tips on how to check and bring a pair back into service to avoid problems.
They were glorious speakers in their day- I fondly remember double pairs being driven by Marantz tube amps back in the late 60's. FWIW, there are a couple of owners on this forum who may chime in with other tips based on their actual experience in owning and running them. I still have multiple pairs of Quads, but would be reluctant to press the old pair back in to service without having them thoroughly gone over first.

Here is the link to janszen: