KLH Model 35 replacement

Hello, I'm a real beginner in terms of home equipment, and I need some advice. I have an old KLD Model 35 deck with KLH Model 6 speakers. The 35 is not working. I took it to a repair shop but he wanted $350 to fix what he said were a number of issues, and I think I'd rather spend that much on a new setup that may last longer into the future. As far as I can tell the speakers are in fine shape, though all their original wiring is frayed, destroyed, or lost. What advice can anyone provide on a suitable, low-cost, similar replacement, on whether or not I should try to re-wire the speakers and connect them to the new system, or whether repairing the old system will be better in the long run. Thanks.

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Cambridge Soundworks was founded by Henry Kloss, the K of KLH. Their model Six was Kloss's recreation of the KLH Model Six. I do not think they are made any more, but , you might be able to find them on eBay or,depending on where you live, on Criag's list locally. Just check the condition of the surrounds if they are old. In the Boston area they are usually less than $100. They have 8" woofers which are pretty much not used in modern designs at this price point. There are lots of decent speakers in this price range but the Model Six might be appropriate from a nostalgia perspective.

Just looked on eBay and there is new pair for $119. No affiliation.