KLH Model 12 w/External contour control

An acquaintance of mine has recently been given a pair of KLH Model 12's w/the external contour control. The speakers seem to be in good condition, however he has not had an opportunity as yet, to fire them up. Does anyone have any knowledge about these speakers?

I myself had a pair of the KLH Model sevens years ago, but I am completely unfamiliar with this model.


The KLH 12, which I once owned, are probably the best of the classical acoustic suspension KLH speakers. The drivers in the model 12 are the same as the model 5: A 10" (?) woofer, two light paper cone midrange, and a tweeter. However the enclosure is a larger solidly built floor standing design, with very nice wood venier.
I had KLH 12 speakers (twice) in the early 70's and they were great speakers for their time. They were floor-standing speakers with a 12" woofer, a pair of cone midranges, and a dome tweeter. They had an external crossover which could be velcroed to the back of the speakers. The crossovers had four 3 way switches which controlled the level of the midrange and tweeter, as well as the slope of the crossovers. I have often wondered what they might have sounded like with upgraded wiring and crossover components. I sold one of the pairs to a friend and to mu knowledge thay are still functioning.