KLH Kendall Speakers vs Vandersteen 2CE Sigs

Hello all. I am curious into this comparison as I recently met Dave Kelley at World Wide Stereo in Philadelphia and listened to a pair of KLH Kendall speakers. It was suggested that their soundstage was similar to or even better than that of the Vandersteens. I have been looking to get a pair of Vandersteen 2CE's but was not sure if I was going to buy the prior signature one model used or a new Signature II model. I would like to get your thoughts on these two speakers since finding a dealer that carries both will be almost impossible. I listen to primarily classical and jazz.
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I would call John Rutan at AudioConnection in New Jersey.....talk on the phone for a couple of minutes and get his take.....John knows everything about this stuff.....
I heard the KLH bookshelf speakers and I was astounded by how bad they were.  One of the KLH guys brought them into a local dealer while I was there, and the dealer wasn’t shy about how disappointed they were.  They sounded like home made DIY speakers that were just thrown together.  The good reviews I’m seeing of them make me even more confident that there’s a lot of money being thrown around between closed doors.

I’d go with the Vandersteens all day.
+1 for Johnny Rutan.
+2 for Vandy's.
I have already been to John's store and have already listened to the Vandersteen's.  I'm sure in the long run they are going to be the better speaker. The only advantage to the KLH speakers is the 60-day try it or return it guarantee.
++++ for the Vandersteen, updated and refined since 1977

guys on the board like Tomcarr getting fantastic sound out of this design

have fun
enjoy the music !!!!!
I can’t believe KLH and Vandersteens are even in the same post.  And I’m not even a huge Vandersteen fan.
I know Rutan would also give you a 60day trial of the 2's if you are a serious buyer.  Just have to ask for it.  Rutan would invite you in with the KLH boxes to compare.
That could be arranged. Not a bad idea.
Makes the most sense I would think.  Give him a call.  
Tomic601- thank you!
OP- Like Tomic said, I am getting amazing sound out of my 2Cs. Love them. They respond extremely well to meticulous setup, room treatment, and the suggestions in Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound and Johnny Rutan of AudioConnection.

Rutan delivered and set up my Quatro's.  I fought him on the placement, but over time got used to it.  They sound incredible for sure.