KLH DA 1402 CD Changer, other models: Info???

I simply cannot find information about KLH CD Players.

thanks in advance for any help, I'm just curious

I doubt they made it, anyone know of a database? (hifiengine has nothing)

Owner's experience?

On the 5 Disc Changer DA 1402 BOX it says 16 bit dual processors.

Based on that, I took a chance and bought a vintage 'new in box' 1402 to compete with my 'surprisingly hard to beat' Sony. Laugh all you want, the Oppo 105 didn't sound better to me or my 3 eared friends.


Only a guess, but the KLH CD players were most likely manufactured by some OEM and then re-badged as KLH.

KLH stopped being the KLH of respected audio manufacturers at least 40 years ago.  KLH comes after Acoustic Research and before Advent.  CD players come into existence way after Advent. 

I am not saying that this next story is related to the CD player you are referring to, but SONY filed suit against KLH for stealing one of its DVD/ CD player designs.  


Do you have any information about the KLH changer, like where it was made, approximate year of manufacture, etc?


thanks for that.

It is 'new open box' with manual. Be here in a week, I'll see what I see.

From viewing old ones on eBay: They used a date code scheme up to a point, then started showing year of manuf.

I caught a discussion on either audiogon or audiokarma saying it was dual burr brown, but who knows.

I wrote KLH, they responded: they know nothing.
The NOS KLH DA1402 with 16 bit Dual Processors came today.

It sat around in the sealed box somewhere for ____ how many years? Don't know when it was made.

Works and sounds great. (not here for comparison any more, but I like it's sound more than the Oppo 105 I tried). and happily the black remote is smaller than the long ugly grey Sony remote.

One day (after 30 day return period) I'll take it apart, see it's innards, look for clues as to who made it for KLH, if indeed Burr Brown processors.

Existing Sony goes to garage/shop system.

Compact single player (full width, short depth) now in garage system will fit inside the office bookcase, so I'll use the Computer for streaming Pandora, YouTube etc, I'll use the separate CD Player when wanting better quality up here.