KLH 9 - new owner

Looking for present or former owners or this audio classic. Recently acquired pair in what seems to be good condition but anxious to correspond with experienced user/refurbishers, particularly Andy P or Gmuffly.

Have some experience, having maintained a pair of Quad57's some years ago, including work on HV circuits. Interested in actual reports from people who have depotted the power supply, evaluating other areas for restoration, etc. Thank you. Jim
I believe Janszen can help with refurbish/restoration issues. It should at least be good to check with them.

You know of course that Janszen designed the Model 9 for KLH.
Hi I have had three sets of the Model Nines over the years. I am currently repairing a power supply which has lower voltage output than the other can. Both panels woofers and tweeters work so its just one can that needs work at the moment. I have run these with a Julius Futterman H3a (not the NYAL variety),Marantz 9's, Accuphase SS amps. The Futterman is still working by the way, (it makes me think of all those who say it wasn't built to last). These are VERY musical transducers. I have David Janszens zA2.1 & I like them very much as well.
Brings back many fond memories. My Dad owned these way back when. Marantz and McIntosh, Garrard 301. Thousands of records, oh boy, wish I had all his stuff now.
I recently saw David at his shop. I showed him the current available info by Dr. Close in rebuilding the Nines power supply cans. When i pointed out the differences in the Dr.Close schematic and what i saw in repairing mine, he saw there were major differences and he gave me a schematic representing more accurately whats in the Nines. If you would like the schematic I'll send it. I don't think David will mind.
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Curious how did you make out with those NINES?
I can send pictures and tips on rebuilding the power supply/step up transformer cans if interested, i just finished redoing mine today