KLE RCA plugs are the real deal!!

I ordered a set of KLE RCA Pure Harmony plugs to use for a pair of interconnects using Duelund 16ga wire. I previously built a set, with good results, using standard switchcraft plugs. The difference, even without break in, was staggering. Although the Switchcraft plugs sounded good themselves alone, however, when doing a direct comparison to the KLE's, the difference is clear. The cables using the SC plugs sounded harsher (especially on high end) when compared to the KLE. The cables seem to have a "free-er"(FLOABT) sound or more flow. Seemed as if the SC's were holding something back. 

As far as building the cables, the separated solder posts make things way easier. Everything is quite compact (especially for larger wires) in the SC plugs. The removable grommets are a nice feature if one wants to use thicker cable wraps, shrink tubing or shielding. 

One other area I think the KLE's are great for is trying wire combinations without soldering. With the "V" shaped solder posts, one could "wrap" the ends somewhat snug and use the wire locking screws. You would still have to be very delicate when hooking up...however this is something that is pretty much impossible with the SC's. 

As I plan to build my entire system's cables, KLE will be the plugs I use on everything. I highly recommend
Treat all those connections.  I have.  Speaker crossover etc.,, Fantastic stuff.  Should try it before you knock it.  I would be willing to split the cost of a vile with one or two of you.  
Can you explain your process for treating a soldered connection? I think dgarretson was describing something different, but I would like to hear your method.
I compared Duelund Cu-Sn 16avg interconnects with KLEI Pure Harmony connectors and Duelund Gold connectors.KLEIs have better separation but Duelund Golds sound more natural in terms of tone. For example, high octaves of piano sound much more real with Duelund Golds.
At least, I can say, this sound suits better to my system with vintage Altec 604E. Most of modern speakers sound more open, bright and emphases high frequencies.
KLEI Pure Harmony tame harshness and make upper mid sound more polite. So, for most modern speakers KLEI may suite better. Also KLEI sound very clean and give you listen all melodic lines in music very well. Duelund RCA are not bad in this parameter too, but KLEI are notably better.

The total contact paste is really not a paste as the consistency helps it spread very easily and a little bit goes a long, long way. The kit comes with a nice painters style mini brush that is used to paint all connectors Etc...

I simply paint the surface of the solder connections and component lead outs on point to point wired crossovers and tube amps. I also paint the tops of capacitors and transformers.

One just needs to be very careful not to produce an unintended conductive bridge. Just use a very little amount on the brush as it spreads very thin, and as I said l, goes a long way. Do not apply so it’s thick and gloppy, but rather thin and spread evenly.

It also works wonders on power cord spades, speaker connectors, RCA male pins, tube pins etc...

While inside my speaker crossover I also pasted/painted the internal speaker wire connections where they solder to the drivers.

Many won’t go as far as I did as they are not comfortable working inside of gear and I understand that. However, a good place to start is certainly on all the various connectors in our system.
  • Here is a recent review.  Easily the best mod or tweak I have ever encountered in my 35 years of audio.