KLE Innovations Technical Paper

I've seen that a number of members have argued about the false "pure silver" and implied "solid silver" advertising that originally came from KLE Innovations in relation to their Harmony RCAs.  The technical paper they've recently released for the RCAs no longer refers to pure silver.  It seems to still fudge about whether they are silver-plated copper, but at least the pretense to being pure silver is no longer there.  With all the forceful advertising that a couple of members were been doing for this company and the push back they got from other members - well, this looks like a small victory for some truth in the advertising from Audiogon.
A - I like KLE, and missed most of the A'gon promotions
B - Pure silver makes a terrible connector, and as a wire can be too delicate to use.
KLEI plugs are the best sounding in my experience vs all the big dollar stuff I have tried. Great product line. I use them for all my builds. I never thought they were pure silver and glad they are not.  
@ypingping -

forceful advertising that a couple of members were been doing for this company
I guess I’m one of them :-)

I admit I am not ashamed of promoting products from KLE Innovations in my posts.

If only companies would produce products that provide the same level of performance improvement, then I would promote them also.

In fact, if you look at ALL of my posts on Agon you will see "forceful advertising" pertaining to many other companies whose products I have used and like very much e.g. Audiomods turntable arms, Denon DL103 cartridges, NAIM, Simaudio MOON, Gershman Acoustics, Bluesound, Schiit, the list goes on.

I believe one of the nicer aspects of of Agon is that I can solicit "opinions" from users that have experienced the products they too "forcefully advertise"

I apologize if the frequency of my posts offend anyone, but the topic of cables and connectors is one area that attracts many questions and as someone with a lot of exposure and experience of KLE Innovations products and how they may help improve sound quality, I feel I am providing a service to those people posting questions related to these topics with my feedback on an excellent product.

Compared to the "BIG GUYS", KLE Innovations is still trying to get some traction in a very competitive market segment and if I can assist a small company get ahead in some way, especially when their products are competing and beating products from "named brands", then I figure it would be a disservice NOT to let people know.

I take product promotion seriously and only "promote products" that excel in their field - and from that perspective I do not believe it is "forceful advertising".

KLE Innovations has taken notice of forums such as Agon, especially WRT their use of trade-marked terms, such as "PureSilver" - and over time, they have seen the errors of their ways and stopped using such terms, mainly due to comments from members such as yourself

So bask in the glory of having made an honest company out of KLE Innovations.

But just to add my voice - in over 40 years as an audio hobbyist, I can honestly say that no other single product has had such a profound effect as the products from KLE Innovations, WRT improving the quality of the sound in my system that I now enjoy.

Shamelessly - Steve :-)