KLAudio is stopping production of their Ultrasonic record cleaner.


KLAudio is discontinuing their top of the line ultrasonic cleaners.
they site not being able to produce them at a profitable margin.

they will be focusing on tonearms.

There will be no additional  production and sales will be from existing stock and dealers.
service will be maintained as long as possible

i absolutely love my machine.

this sounds a lot like Oppo 

if you don't have the silencer you may want to consider buying one now.
it is a fabulous accessory for much lower noise.
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Whilst a great product - cleaning machines tend to be one off purchases. And people who do such purchases had probably already got good machines in the first place. The high end is shrinking in terms of new buyers - so logic dictates that the kl audio was going to have challenges in reaching market sales.
@vortrex thanks for your overview! There's no substitute for hands-on experience.
I should also say I was happy with my KL when I had it. I actually sold it before I ever heard of the Degritter. It was at a time when I was pulling some money out of my system. Then I realized how I can’t live without an ultrasonic cleaner and found the Degritter in my search. I think everyone should have an ultrasonic cleaner before worrying about some of the other popular tweaks. 
Has anyone tried the Kirmuss Record Cleaning Machine?
A lot cheaper and has some very good reviews.

Saw the Kirmuss at Axpona looks nice but seems a bit of a pain to use. They say you have to wash the record like 4-5 times! That's seems excessive IMO