KLAudio is stopping production of their Ultrasonic record cleaner.


KLAudio is discontinuing their top of the line ultrasonic cleaners.
they site not being able to produce them at a profitable margin.

they will be focusing on tonearms.

There will be no additional  production and sales will be from existing stock and dealers.
service will be maintained as long as possible

i absolutely love my machine.

this sounds a lot like Oppo 

if you don't have the silencer you may want to consider buying one now.
it is a fabulous accessory for much lower noise.
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They will not be around long because their tone arm is a serious joke. Not that I care about their record cleaner. I never have to clean my records because they do not get dirty. 
Another good example for "High End" Audio....anything done serious will not survive.
I've had the KL and now have the Degritter.  I find the Degritter better in every aspect.

I've had the KL and now have the Degritter. I find the Degritter better in every aspect.
In what ways?
I found the Degritter cleans better (see my post in the Degritter thread).  The other big difference in the machines comes down to three major points.  The Degritter has a filtering system, a removable water tank, and is completely controlled by firmware.  It's also smaller, lighter, quieter, and better looking IMHO.  Degritter responds to emails promptly.  I once emailed KL with a simple question and never got a response.

Filtering - I was shocked by the amount of sludge in the KL tank when I went to clean it.  It's also very difficult to clean well because access to the tank is limited.  Clearly this sludge was in the tank no matter how often I changed the water.  The Degritter has an inexpensive replaceable filter which can be cleaned and replaced in seconds.  I've seen no crud in the Degritter tank.

Water tank - As I mentioned, with the KL access to the tank is quite limited for cleaning it.  You have to fill the tank with a funnel through a small hole in the top of the unit.  With the Degritter removable tank (lifts out of machine in seconds) you can easily fill and clean the tank anywhere without having to lug the machine around.  You can also easily keep different solutions by buying an inexpensive second tank.

Firmware - Every aspect of the machine is controlled through firmware.  This firmware can be updated by the user simply by inserting a SD card into the machine with the firmware file on it and rebooting.  Degritter has already made a couple updates fine tuning the machine since I have had mine.