Kl Audio LP200 ultrasonic record cleaner insights

I did a bit of research a few months ago on the Audio Desk ultrasonic cleaner and thats where I found out about the KL Audio CLN LP200unit. I was attracted to the much more powerful motor, no rollers to replace and using distilled water rather than a cleaner.

Let me start that I have a Loricraft and used the Walker 4 step program but shortened it to a clean\rinse setup. Still ten undivided minutes of your time a side to clean. After a while I didnt bother with mint or new records.

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I have quckly and efficiently cleaned more records in 3 weeks than I have for the three years I have had the Loricraft. And it was hardly an inconvienance, not a major chore

I have cleaned a number of Walker\Loricraft records again with the KL Audio. The results are jaw dropping. Dead quiet, no static pops (sometimes dont even zerostat). The biggest issue is resolution, getting down and removing that last bit of material and the resolution, body, separation of instruments, timing, passion and air around the notes is enhanced. Modest pressing sound like audiophile. I have ran into a few noisy records, probably dug out by the last stylus but most everything else has been so overwhelming. Low level detail is to die for.

The machine is a tank. Everything impeccably manufacturered. You can set the ultrasonic to 1-5 minutes and the drying 2-4 minutes I spit out a record every 5 minutes while I watch tv from the next room. It drys very effectively but isnt that loud

This machine is not cheap at $4k but what it does is like a very serious component upgrade. Highly recommended for someone with a serious vinyl collection and setup
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Clickable link to Myles Review

Excellent review Myles, In regards to the totally useless funnel that KL Supplies with the machine, just got to you local auto parts store and buy a 99C funnel with which you can fill the machine in less than a minute.

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Peter, I think it was on whatsbestforum that it was mentioned that you should not use larger funnel with KL. The reason for the smaller funnel supplied is to limit the flow rate. If you pour water too fast, there is a chance that some of the water may spilled inside into the area where it does not suppose to go and theoretically, you can get water on some circuit boards that are not supposed to get wet. At least that was the excuse, if I remember correctly. My unit arrived at the beginning of the year and it is a mark 2 version. KL is now shipping mk4 version. (don't know what mk3 involves) but mk 4 does come with a bigger funnel, a fan to cool water, supposedly the water get heated quite a bit if you clean a big batch of LPs in one setting and slight change to toggle switches etc. I think there is no blow only toggle switch now, you just set ultrasonic time to 0 for blow job only (sorry, could not resist :) ).
Suteetat is spot on and he is also right with the latest version (no blow only toggle switch). I love my funnel :-)
Suteetat, Syntax,

I think what they are concerned about is not that the waters getting in too fast, if you place the funnel so that is goes directly into the tank, through the enlarged round hole at the end of the slot on the top, it fills the tank at the rate your pouring it in, you can see that through the glass. I think their concern that you spill water on the top of the unit it can enter where its not supposed to go, which to me seems much more likely with the little funnel they used to supply.

Anyway It is great cleaner i truly enjoy mine.

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