Kit to build speakers using Tannoy drivers?


I wonder if anyone knows of a source for kit to build speakers using Tannoy dual-concentric drivers? I know that it is common to purchase just the drivers and build own crossover and cabinets, but I have no DIY experience, so I am looking for a complete kit, that even a trained monkey could assemble...
Why are you sold on Tannoy drivers? Are you certain that you
want to limit yourself?

Drivers alone are not the most important. If you have no DIY experience be aware of that. the design of the cabinet and crossover is really important. Put Tannoys in an inferior design, even if its fairly good, and you may be disappointed. Make certain that the whole package is solid. If you are aware of this sorry, but you say you are new to DIY.

I've made about 20 sets based upon scan speak with great results. is a great place to visit if you are a new DIY even if you do not go that route. Read the entire site if you haven't already before you build your speakers. My speakers are based on the Rhythm. They set the standard for kit crossovers as far a I am concerned and the cabinet design is excellent too. Also Madisound. com has a kit called Solist that I have heard and is great. Buy the best CO you can get no matter what you buy.

Think about mounting the crossover externally. You can tweak it after the fact that way very easily. Read the new north creek method of tweaking the Rhythm's crossover simply by sniping resistors.

I have a huge collection of speaker DIY sites and checked 4 or 5 of the most obvious before I posted and will check some more and let you know if I see a Tannoy kit.

Good Luck! Kits are the way to go. You will get big return for the buck and learn a lot.
checked sorry no luck. Not that many folks even carry the drivers. Tannoy will sell you a design but that is not an easy kit. Check Audioasylum or the bottlehead forums for effeciency speaker kits if you did not already. Good luck w Tannoy
Good Listening.