Kiseki = what to do?


Someone (an awesome guy) gave me a Kiseki Agaat Ruby green that is missing the needle and the bottom plate. Is this something that I worth/can getting repaired, and who would be the best person to have do it if it can?


Cartridge Retipping and Repair:

I have used both of these companies and they are excellent!
If you're in the US there are basically two choices, either SoundSmith or Phono Cartridge Repair. Both are reported to provide excellent quality repairs, but SoundSmith generally has a much longer waiting list to get the service completed.
Sorry for the duplication, but it looks like Mofimadness beat me to the punch by a few seconds!
I would try Phono Cartridge Retipping for this. I have used them and Soundsmith for cartridge services.
Assuming that you are Italian you should try Torlai in
Italy. He does all repairs even the coils.
Thanks everyone for the responses, I really appreciate the help. I did some research on the cartridge and it looks to be quite good. The specs on the compliance seemed to be confusing though. Can't wait to hear it.

Is anyone familiar with the Kiseki brand?
See Vinylengine:

Compliance: 20 x 10-6 cm/dyne;
Ipmedance :42 Ohm ( 500 Ohm phono)
Thanks for the info. I have checked out vinyl engine already I just find it interesting that half of the cartridges have a compliance of 20 and the other 6.
Hello ,

A very good address is van den Hul in the Netherlands.
Have good experience with a Dynavector.
Van den Hul in the Netherlands can only be reached via
HIFI dealers.
But Axel Schurholz in Germany can be approached direct: