Kiseki, Supex on a present day tone arm?

I am looking to move into MC territories, but given the stanbard MM phono stage I'm looking for a good affordable high output MC element.

A few cartridges have caught my attention, first off all the Goldring Eroica H; but also a bit more exotic elements like the Supex SD-901 & the Kiseki Mission 773.

Does anybody know if the Kiseki and Supex elements can be mounted on any current tone arm like Rega, SME and Clearaudio?
Hi Absynth, The Kiseki Milltek (green) got very good reviews in the 80is. If with the original boron cantilver and line contact stylus in good condition they can be get for about $600. I own two of those + the Blue Goldspot+ the Purple Heart boron.
@nandric I recently obtained a Kiseki Gold tonearm. Was wondering if you happen to know the specs of the Kiseki tonearm? Greatly appreciate if you could help with this info. 

@genghis6400  I can help with Kiseki Gold Spot but, alas, not

with Kiseki tonearm. What I know is that the arm is made in

Japan and, if Van den Dungen deed not invent this story, the

(silver) wiring is from Kondo san. Kondo also made an SUT for

 Kiseki also with silver wire.

I found the Kiseki Milltek (Aurora, green) pretty dark and dreary. Avoid. If you like a touch of musical warmth, the Nagaoka MP500 in a Jelco 750 (or their new ones) will see you good.

I have tried one Supex cartridge SD-909 mkII on my Reed 3p "12
It was in exellent condition, but it was also dark sounding cartridge, i tried a few MC phono stages, headamp etc (but no sut). I love Reed tonearm and highly recommend it, but Supex was definitely not my cup of tea.

I have a few High Output MC cartridges that i like: Argent MC500HS (Sapphire cantilever) and Argent MC500. Both made in the 80s (OEM) by the same company who introduced recently $8000 Etsuru Urushi LOMC

Look at the compliace of the Supex, if that's 8cu then it must be paired with high mass tonearm.
Kiseki is probably mid compliance, so no problem with modern arms, but it depends on which one. 

Why do you need HOMC cartridge if you can find much better MM/MI or LOMC as an alternative? 

@genghis6400 If you can afford either Kiseki Silver Spot or

Gold Spot (+/- $ 1300) those are the obvious choices for the

Kiseki ''Gold'' tonearm. The Gold spot is the latest version of

the Kiseki carts.

@nandric I currently am in possession of a mint condition Kiseki Blue Goldspot that I’m planning to mount with the the Kiseki arm. My Blue Goldspot is the original and not of the modern stock. I have written to Kiseki in regards to the tonearm and awaiting their reply.

@genghis6400 , Congratulation; Kiseki Gold spot is the latest

and the best Kiseki. Recognizable on the 5 screw threads on both

sides and gold spot on its front side.  The ''modern stock'' is a fake

 Gold spot. Actually the Blue which was the first version of the LOMC

 Kiseki. I own 5 Kiseki's 3 of them the Gold spot. I hope you wrote

to Durob in Holland because there is no such thing as an address for

Kiseki. What you need is the distance between the spindle and the

pivot. Aka the ''effective length'' for the stylus. By moving the cart on

its headshel you can adjust this length easily.

@nandric I wrote to Durob about the Kiseki Gold tonearm but have not heard back from him yet. Hopefully he will reply sooner than later. In the mean time I'm enjoying the music from the KGS mounted to a Fidelity Research FR-64s. 

@genghis6400 , ''Durob audio'' is an HIFI shop in Holland also

owned by Van den Dungen (  .  I assume that Van

 den Dungen  ordered ''his'' Kiseki gold arm as match for his Kiseki

Blue series cartridges. Interesting to see that you ask questions

 about Kiseki's but use FR-64s with KGS. I can't blame you because

 I use my FR-64 S with all my carts (grin)

Hello @nandric So I got a reply from Van Den Dungen with the specs of the Kiseki Gold tonearm. Effective Length is 229 mm and an Offset Angle of 24.1 degree. After checking with VE calculator it came out that P2S is set at 211 mm with overhang of 18 mm. This the same specs as Audioquest Tonearms. Yahoooooo!!!