Kiseki, Supex on a present day tone arm?

I am looking to move into MC territories, but given the stanbard MM phono stage I'm looking for a good affordable high output MC element.

A few cartridges have caught my attention, first off all the Goldring Eroica H; but also a bit more exotic elements like the Supex SD-901 & the Kiseki Mission 773.

Does anybody know if the Kiseki and Supex elements can be mounted on any current tone arm like Rega, SME and Clearaudio?
Hi Absynth, The Kiseki Milltek (green) got very good reviews in the 80is. If with the original boron cantilver and line contact stylus in good condition they can be get for about $600. I own two of those + the Blue Goldspot+ the Purple Heart boron.