Kiseki Purpleheart

I currently have an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. I'm thinking about a switch to the Kiseki Purpleheart.
In this price range-3K..what other carts should I consider?
Associated gear- Pass XP-17- Pass Int-60- Martin Logan Montis-VPI Prime Signature
I want to stay with a Low Output/MC...but would consider a Moving Iron.
Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I owned a Purple Heart for about two years and thought it was very nice.
I switched it out for a Lyra Kleos and am much happier with the Lyra.  Granted, the Kleos is a jump in price but not by leaps and bounds.  

Dear @snackeyp  : You are rigth, the Kleos is truly exeptional cartridge and I know because I own it and forgot to give it as alternative.

@krelldog here the Kleos:

soundsmith paua mk ii here on my PS