KISEKI PURPLE NS your reviews....

Hello I plane to buy a KISEKI PURPLE NS... maybe...  but I read a lot of different opinions about this cartridge... sound quality, poor construction quality.... So i ask the question to those who really had one, what do you finally think about it ? Did you encounter any trouble ?
Many thanx
Installed for a friend quite a few years ago. First 2 samples were somewhat defective. The third sample was acceptable. That says a lot about the consistency of the build. Didn’t quite warm up to the sound and he finally sold it. The originals were better than the NS. I own a few of the originals.
I have the Kiseki Blue NS and it's the best cartridge I own.  Sound quality can't be touched by any of my other cartridges, however they are mostly in the $500 - $1000 range.  Closest thing I have to compare it to is my Van Den Hul MC TWO, a HOMC cart that cost about the same as retail price for the Blue.  The Blue is more detailed from top to bottom and has a somewhat lush sound that I really enjoy.  No issues with build quality.  I bought mine at a significant discount from a seller in Japan here on Audigon. 

It might be helpful to know what you currently have so that others can give a point of reference.  I imagine that compared to the carts I have the Purple might seem like nirvana, but to someone with a $10K cart it might be "meh".

Sonics are like any good cart at it's price point,subjectively it may even compete with costlier models?

Any  product can have bad production runs, and if you get one, your impression is- "this thing is a piece of S#%T!!  Meanwhile, another person has the same product and, perfect-no issues.

That said, I went thru 2 Kiseki Blue. 1st one stylus fell off. 2nd, the right channel developed a weird distorted signal. That one happened with the one year warranty conveniently running out. I haven't read any reports of mass QC with the Blue, but after that experience,-nice sounding cart,but..It's a piece of S#%T

Generally speaking, you should be covered in the event you get a wonky piece, just report it immediately to the dealer. The distributor is fair, so you should covered.

Can't recommend the brand, after my experience.