kiseki purple heart cartridge output issues


The problem that I have with the cartridge is that the output on one channel is much greater than the other. I've trided adjusting the vta, vtf and the alignment. The cartridge is mounted on a clearaudio magnify arm and a clearaudio performance table into an Aural Thrills Audio all tube phono preamp called The Beast into a Sweetvinyl Sugar cube through a McIntosh MA 252 amp and finally Focal Aria 948 speakers. I've read on other forums that someone else thahadeprolbem obought one of the original, non NS versions of the purple heart used from off of audiogon. I’ve read in another forum that someone else had a similar problem and I’ve also read that this cartridge has had quality control issues. I’m all ears as to whether there is something else I could try or if I just bought a lemon. I have several other cartridges which all perform fine with my set up. I only have issues with this particular cartridge.




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David, I was fortunately able to return a PH NS after I heard, and measured via Adjust +, significant channel imbalance. I took the output curve picture to the last AXPONA I went to, and showed it to AJ Van den Hul (who was kind enough to look it over). His feeling was that my cart had some significant construction issues, likely related to the suspension. He didn’t think it was worth fixing if I could return it. As I said, I was fortunate to have purchased it from a great seller, so I did return it. I was unhappy as I’ve heard a PH with no similar issues, and it is a wonderful sounding cart.