Kiseki cartridges inquiry

Could some or our esteemed analogue listeners educate me about Kiseki cartridges? They are apparently no longer made, but do they compare to Koetsu in sound quality? If found used in reasonable shape, what are the rebuild/ refurbishing options available? Which are the desirable models to look out for? Thanks in advance!
Mr Fokadu, the man responsible for Kiseki died around three years ago. I owned several models and prefered them to the Koetsu which was its main competitor. I was lucky to find recently the last model AGAAT with just a few hours on it. From your questions you don't have personal experience with this line. Unless you have a personal fondness for this cartridge I wouldn't go to the trouble the, Kiseki's are fine cartridges
have listened and owned a Kiseki Blackheart for years, and for lovers of the voice, violin, the delicacy, this cartridge has an very special treat. i never heard the violin better with any other cartridge, i sold it because it did not match at all with my Wilson Benesch ACT two arm. [have a Hopper 3 now]