Kirmuss audios ultrasonic record cleaner

I just noticed the new ultrasonic record cleaner now available from Kirmuss Audio for $800.00 and would like to get some input from people that already own an ultrasonic machine on what they think of this unit. I was just getting ready to start getting my ducks in a row to build one but for the cost of this unit why bother, besides I have enough to do already. What say you?
Saw it at Axpona looking interesting for the money i have the KL Audio which is $3800.00 i think this is a great machine for the money.Enjoy!!
I was literally going to post the same question on the ultrasonic cleaning thread then saw this here already.
Anybody bought one?
I built my own for about $200. It works great. Check out BBtx's build info at DIY Audio. I cleaned every LP I own with it, it is still working as always. You can spend more, if that's what works for you, but it was an enjoyable project that yielded great results.

Sounds good , unfortunately not everybody is blessed with the technical wherewithal and sometimes even the time or inclination to get down and dirty so to speak.
I have the start of a home brewed project but finding the enthusiasm to complete has been lacking of late.
@islandmandan, $200.00 versus $800.00 sounds good and will follow your lead of checking it out on DIY, with that said and the fact that you have an ultrasonic cleaner , could you give your opinion of the Kirmuss as far as anything you see that might or could be an issue if I decide to go that way. Thanks
@uberwaltz, if you should happen to spring for one of these please post your opinion after you have used it a bit. I am going to hold back just a little while.
Interesting that the Kirmuss looks exactly like the I-Sonic cleaner, except with a Kirmuss label on it! The I-Sonic is $600 on Amazon.
Am spoiled by the air drying on my KL Audio and the fact that I can multitask while it is cleaning and drying. Was lucky to get one used here for about 2500$ and as a vinyl seller clean an average of ten records a day. Love mine.

You aren't being completely honest... You've posted on another US cleaning thread...

I'd advise anyone ready to let go of their hard earned money to look at the many threads on Audiogon regarding US cleaning and the DIY methods.
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I have a Kirmuss preordered and it should be arriving by the 15th of next month. But in comparing the I-Sonic someone has mentioned above, the I-Sonic is basically lacking a motorized spidle to rotate the Records and is basically not set up for cleaning Records, specifically. It’s set up for carberators and jewelry, the listing on Amazon says. The I-Sonic is cavitating at a higher frequency which Kirmuss says is inappropriate for safely cleaning Records and shellacs. I’m happy to spend extra to get a device that takes the risk and manual labor out of the equation. Time is the most valuable asset each of us has. If I can spend a little extra money to have more time to do the things that make me happy, then it’s worth the cost. 
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thanks much
how do you dry records ?
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@benjie , would you please just walk me thru your clean rinse cycle with your VPI, I have one also and was wondering if I should keep it even once I buy an ultrasonic machine.
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I saw the Kirmuss Demo at an audio show last year, and they sell it with various liquids that are only available to persons who bit their machine. The liquids and goat hair brush are as important as the ultrasound machine itself.
I am curious how others have faired with this
I have the Kirmuss. Although I have not compared it to any other ultrasonic cleaner, I am pleased with its performance.  I tried their record cleaning chemical but I changed to using Tergikleen.  My method consist of doing a per-clean with my spin clean and Wash it cleaner, followed by the Kirmuss and Tergikleen.  Then I vacuum clean with my project and TM-8.

As as far as their other products are concerned I will vouch for their record brush.  I believe all of the accessories that come with the Machine may be purchased separately from their website.
I don’t think litmus’s sell their boat hair brush and pre clean unless u buy their machine...

Do you do the kirmuss spray brush method then clean or have you changed procedure
I don’t follow their recommended procedure. I tried it but I prefer my current method as noted in my previous post. See the link below for their products.

There is an ongoing thread on this very subject already.....