Kirksaeter Silverline 60

Looking for some bookshelf speakers and came accross the Kirksaeter Silverline 60. Anyone have these and have any thoughts on them. They would be in a family room that's large with high ceilings, and on a bookshelf with about 15 inches behind the speaker. I have an entry level ($200) receiver that I will upgrade one day, but not anytime soon. Looking to spend between 200-400. Thanks in advance.
I own Kirksaeter 220's and use them in a room similar to the one you describe. I've heard the 60's at the local dealer but in a much smaller room. You might try the local dealer for more info (Rick @ Audioforce 563-505-6462). The US Importer, Ray Kingcaid is also helpful (215)361-1559. Good luck.