Kirksaeter Prisma Speakers

Has anyone noticed these in the classified section?
I have never heard of them and can't find any info other than the company website. I know it's hard to believe but they say they're great. Hmm
The deal seams almost white van-ish. The towers are new and selling for 2/3 off retail with a free center channel thown in and the guy will pay 1/2 the shipping. What's up here? I see the company has a history and these speakers have good specs, for what that's worth.
Anybody know these?
Are your 220's the silverline or do they make a 220 in the Prisma's? Are those tower speakers?
Could you give me a quick review of the sound?
Thank you much
I liked the Silverlines more for sure. I met Mr K when I was a dealer. Those little Silverline 60's were really something!

There are Prisma's for sale at what seems to be a great price. Can you describe their sound, fit and finish?
My 220's are towers and it's the Silverline group. The Prisma's are a different level. You've asked twice about the sound. It's hard to describe because of the sources and amplification feeding them. I use vintage solid state amplification (upgraded Sansui AU D-11) and the sound is fairly neutral tonally. It is certainly not a warm sound. The bass is great (clean w/good definition) in my romm which measures 17 x 35 w/cathedral ceilings. My cabling is 12ga Vampire Wire CCC. I've swaped out phono carts, TT mats, phono I/C's & headshells. The 220's allow me to hear each change clearly. They are well built. Mine have strips of real hardwood douwn each side. I believe the Prisma's are a vinyl wrap but done well. Again, it's to believe you'd go wrong at the price.